Problems (due to technical errors)

Problems (due to technical errors)

I signed in for the "3 for 1" holiday trial deal for Premium on 30th of December, first month got paid straight away and the next payment was due to be on 30th of march. 

I made the account with Facebook login, but due to some real strange problem, my account could not find any of my friends using Facebook (I had earlier tried the same trick on free account and then the friends were visible when connected it to facebook).


Today I was told by your customer-service that I would have to do new account in order to get it working and that you would handle the rest (transfer the playlists etc onwards to new account).


So the new account has been made, connected to Facebook and I have informed you my details like you asked.


Now I have been waiting here for the next message (we had nice chat as exchanged emails in little time, but now its been over 5 hours so Im wondering what is going on) , could someone look to my matter and see when the account will be working normally. 

I would hope to get my Premium back and working within the next few days.


Ok, I would like to know if my case has been investigated more.

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Hey there, we aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours, and in the vast majority of cases it's a lot quicker than that. You'll get a reply soon. Sit tight.


For common support questions, see
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Im gonna wait now and see if this gets solved.


I have asked if the playlists from original account can be still returned (as you promised) and changed to Premium  so I could listen get the account back to the previous working state.


If it dont get solved at all or working, I have asked for full refund for the first month.


Well, its now been 29 hours or so from the last email concerning the matter.

I really do wonder whats goin on here?

Why wont the person reply to me anymore?


Atleast someone there could stop the automatic payment if the account is not working and also make me refund if they wont fix the thing for good.

Certain teams don't appear to work at the weekends so some things can take a little longer than normal to sort out, if you are in touch with someone via email they will get back to you as soon as they can.

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Ok, I will wait till early next week and by wednesday I should have this matter cleared up or somehow compensated.


Im not sure, why customer-service asked me to do new account (in order to transfer playlists etc to it)  as they would not help me further and left this thing unfinished as they probably left work or something.

I should have contacted customer-service on monday about this error and not on friday.

Now I have paid for 1 month but dont have Premium account going as its still in free mode.

Im little pissed of but maybe Spotify will make this up somehow.


Heres what you have replied to me on the error yesterday (taken from email):


Of course, we would not want you to be short-changed as a result of a technical error! 😄

Where possible customer services will always make sure you are happy, if when its sorted out you feel like you deserve more premium time I would ask for it - what have you got to loose. 😛

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Im not sure I quite understand what you mean here.

Havent had any major problems with Spotify before, as I have been dealing with this softare before, now just got the error as started new facebook-integrated account.


Currently, I could start new account straight away, but I need the playlists (70-80 or something) back from your presentatives.


I have now left the ball to customer-service, and they will have to somehow answer for this.

And Im sure this will be handled with good care.


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