Reestablish an old account when the security procedure is not designed for long time ago last access

Reestablish an old account when the security procedure is not designed for long time ago last access

The security procedure I was asked to follow by chat in order to reestablish my old account (not recently used since I lost access long time ago) is not very useful in my case.


I was requested to tell a recently liked song or a private list name. In my case, when I was using my account maybe 12+ years ago, I guess the liked song method even didn't exist (or maybe I didn’t use that, in any way, this will not be recent liked song) and after all these years of trying to recover my account I cannot remember any private list name (or even know if I had any private list).


In addition, if some other person answers by chat the two trials in the wrong way, then I cannot reestablish my account never again. I don't understand at all. I cannot verify myself to recover my account but when answering twice wrong it is taken for granted that is me answering the questions and that means to never again be able to verify my account.


I have THREE different accounts which were automatically created and which I didn't want to create (and that can be deleted right now as I don’t mind) but the only one that I want to access to, the original one, I cannot recover it as it seems that Spotify doesn’t have any other data to verify my identity (which is really difficult to understand to me that Spotify doesn’t have any other data that can be used to verify: an e-mail, a phone, a security question, a name, a birthday, a photo or something else).

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Hey @carlaalo,


Thanks for the post.


Sorry to hear that you've had such an experience.


Those security measures are in place to prevent illegitimate access to user accounts. We're afraid that if you can't pass the initial security verification, support won't give you access back to your account.


What you could try and ask is for them to delete your email address from the old account so that you can use it again.


Hope this helps.

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