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Reverting back to a password on Spotify that I've used before

Reverting back to a password on Spotify that I've used before

So I recently had to change my password because the app on my phone wasn't signing in for some reason (Android, Samsung Galaxy S9+). This was after the newest update, and no matter which password I typed in it gave me an error. This didn't make any sense since I was able to use Spotify on my PC perfectly fine, so I decided to request an email to reset my password.


I did this, and everything is working perfectly, but now when I try to switch the password back to my original one I receive the message shown below: "Choose a password you haven't used before". Again, the reasoning behind my actions to see if resetting my password would let me log in on my phone again (it did), not for any account security purposes.


I guess I understand the reasoning behind creating this sort of restraint (I do, however, think I'm mature enough to make these decisions on my own) but I was hoping that there's some way to overrule this error so that I can use my old password.


Does anyone know how I might do this? Any help would be appreciated!



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Android, Windows 10


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Hey @Samchristopher5 thanks for reaching out to the Spotify community with your concern.


Unfortunately there is no way for you or even a member of the Spotify staff to do this as it is a system requirement. You can however submit an idea in our idea submission forum on the community to remove this feature. If it gets enough votes it might get implemented into the service!


Let me know if you have any other questions,


Jack 🙂

Thanks for the reply, but the top idea I found only has about 6 likes, so that doesn't seem very useful.

Hey @Samchristopher5,


Thanks for getting back to us.


We noticed you've submitted a new idea for this in the Idea Exchange. We thought we'd post it here so that other users can see it and add their vote to it:

You mentioned you found another idea with 6 votes for it. If it's an active idea (it should say "New Idea"), could you link us to it? We can then merge the two ideas and their respective votes together.



It is quite simple to use an old password and it is on mobile. You will want to go to log in without password then get a link sent to your email address. Then click the link which will sign you in and you will then get a welcome back message pop up. You will click on change password and then just change it to whatever you want!


-Chris 🙂

So for Microsoft and EE, once you pass a certain threshold of new passwords, you can start using your old passwords again.


Try creating 5 new passwords and then try using an old password, this should work. If not, create more passwords (up to 20?) and then try again. If that doesn't work, then I don't know.


Hope this post helps 🙂

hello im a random user and i did it but it doesn't work. I still need to change to another password that i never used before. i think it's impossible to use my old password once again

This is disappointing. I've been having this issue for a very long time and nothing's been done about it. I have to reset my password every time I forget it. I don't want to set a new password and Spotify needs to respect that. 

This request and idea was from 2020 and is still a good one.  Something should be implemented to allow for this.  The first password I used was blocked by a family member (that didn't and won't ever know my password), now I need to reset my password every time I log into a new device.  Frankly, it's annoying.  Let me go back to the passwords I want to use.


Doesn't work anymore

Always nice to hear a company keep track of all of your passwords history  🙄

Probably illegal to GDRP btw.

Completely agree! 

After a certain point the security of one's account is up to the account holder, not the company. I have a system when creating passwords for my various logins and Spotify just royally **bleep** that over by doing a password reset without my consent (all I did was log in from a VPN and prompted suspicious activity) and forcing me to use a new password different from my original one.


I'm considering closing my account and removing all data, hopefully this will allow for setting up a new account after the 14 days have passed so I can use my trusty old password - anyone know if this works?

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks so much for posting in the Community! Sorry to hear this has happened.


Music is such an important part of our lives, to such a degree that we try to ensure to safety of everyone's profiles whenever something suspicious happens. You mentioned that the use of your VPN triggered the password reset. Keep in mind Spotify doesn't officially support VPN services, and it's recommended you use Spotify without one.


Hope this clears things up, remember the Community is always here to help out! 



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Hey Yordan,


I understand that safety is important for Spotify (and I appreciate that too) - however, once it starts causing discomfort for members, maybe some of the automations and processes should be reevaluated?


Unfortunately, the use of VPN was unintentional (I tried to login from my company laptop, where we have to use a VPN for work and forgot it was active), which makes the password reset even worse in that I wasn't deliberately trying to access Spotify with a VPN.


Thanks for the response though!

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