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Spotify Family in CANADA?

Spotify Family in CANADA?

Dear Spotify,


As an avid Spotify user and someone who tells everyone about Spotify because I love it that much, I'm disappointed that after waiting so long for Spotify family, I see that the new pricing for Spotify family is available globally, EXCEPT IN CANADA?!


Why? What and who is stopping this from happening? Is it because Rogers has a strong hold on family-like subscriptions? We should be able to enjoy this service as well. I have my entire family using Spotify, 2 out of 5 paying for premium... we could really benefit from Spotify family.


I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, and as a Canadian I'm tired of being given the **bleep**ty end of the deal (pardon my French) every time services like these are introduced. Please Spotify, CANADIANS NEED SPOTIFY FAMILY!!!




A sad Canadian. 

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You're not the only one wondering. Please vote for this idea so it may be implemented in the future:

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Awesome, just voted!! Thank you.

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