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Spotify friends activity empty/not updating


Spotify friends activity empty/not updating







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

For several months (pretty much years at this point), my Spotify friends feed has not been updating, it only shows 1 friend I have, while it should have a dozen others. This has been going on for far too long for it to be a problem on my end as I have changed my devices, settings, and other things to try and fix it. I have reinstalled Spotify and my OS but nothing helps. I also see no friends through my Facebook integration even after disconnecting and reconnecting my Facebook profile multiple times. All my settings are the same as my friends and he can see his friend activity but I can't. I already posted about this problem once, and was told it would fix itself but that was months ago. This is very infuriating as it has been going for so long.

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I have the same problem and its been almost a year and a have without solutions


I have exactly the same problem since a month ago, I've been talking to spotify support for weeks and they still haven't given me any solution. I'm starting to think that it has to do with Windows 11 since I seem to remember that it started to fail me the moment I updated my operating system.

I have been waiting for this feature to start working again for YEARS hahaha


I'm experiencing exactly the same with the following details. I even switched to Premium to see if that would change the issue but unfortunately it didn't. My friends can see my activity, but I can't see theirs and that sucks bc I love that feature.







MacBook Pro

Operating System

macOS Monterey


Any progress on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Plan: Premium

Country: Poland

Device: MacBook Air

Operating System: macOS Big Sur


I have a similar problem: I see the activity of only 3 friends of mine, whereas I am following way more and they do have all the correct settings turned on. I have taken all the recommended steps, including reinstalling the app. Others see my activity normally. I have been struggling with this for a long time, please fix it. 

I have the same thing.

Hi there I am facing similar issue. could you find a fix for me ? 

You can have my permission.






Please can you check mine and Auntie LouLou's accounts, she can see me but I can't see her. 

She will give authorisation shortly.  My profile is here.

Hello there!

I been having the same problem from almost a year, I changed the device multiple times, try all the options I had available. I did all the steps with a friend and nothing happend. 

You have my permission and my friend soon will give his to help me out with this.

Hello there!

I been having the same trouble, I try multiple times with all the options even changing the devices but nothing work, so from a week now I try to fix this with a friend, he can see me on the list but I can't. I'm not on "Private mode", we are following eachother, etc.

You have my permission and my friend soon will reply too

You have my permission too

If your Spotify friends' activity is not updating or appearing empty, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue:


  1. Check your internet connection: Make sure your device is connected to a stable internet connection.

  2. Refresh the page: Try refreshing the page by pulling down the activity feed.

  3. Check your privacy settings: Make sure your account privacy settings are set to allow friends to see your activity. Go to your account settings, then to the privacy settings, and ensure that the "Allow friends to see your activity" toggle is turned on.

  4. Check your friends' privacy settings: Some friends may have their privacy settings set to not allow others to see their activity. If this is the case, you will not be able to see their activity on your feed.

  5. Check if your friends are active on Spotify: If your friends are not using Spotify, their activity will not appear on your feed.

  6. Log out and log back in: Sometimes logging out and back into your account can help refresh the connection to the Spotify servers and fix any issues with the activity feed.

  7. Contact Spotify Support: If none of the above steps work, you can contact Spotify support for further assistance.

It is worth noting that sometimes, the friends activity feature can be delayed or not be updated, this is usually caused by a problem with the Spotify's servers, and it should be fixed in a timely manner.

My friends activities will not show, yet they can see my activity.


I have tried every fix in the community article  below, including re-installing Spotify desktop and adjusting every setting possible.


I am also aware how to turn on and off sharing your activity as shown in the photo below, yet the feed of my friends activity simply will not load. Could someone please help? Thanks



Same problem here.... You have my permission! 

It sounds like you have been experiencing an issue with your Spotify friend's feed not updating correctly. This issue has been ongoing for an extended period of time, despite your attempts to resolve it. Some possible causes for this issue could include a problem with the Spotify app or a problem with your account settings. It's possible that the issue may be related to your Facebook integration, as you mentioned that your friends are not showing up there either. Since this is a persistent problem, it's likely that a bug or technical issue is causing the problem. You may want to reach out to Spotify support for additional assistance. They will be able to troubleshoot and help you resolve the issue.

I have a similar problem... After connecting my FB to Spotify over and over... Spotify tells me I have "0 Friends" from my FB account with 2,500 friends - this is obviously an error. Have troubleshot it for months, and it's been over a year that I'm unable to follow/connect with my hundreds FB Friends that use Spotify.... this really sucks. No solution works. Really hoping this can be fixed somehow.

Same same, for over a year now... I've tried everything. No success.

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 1.57.58 PM.png

merhaba bu sorunu ben de yaşıyorum. defalarca kez uygulamayı silip yükledim ve oturuma giriş yaptım. hiçbir şekilde düzelmiyor. arkadaşlarım benim dinleme aktivitemi görebilirken ben göremiyorum. lütfen bu sorunun en kısa sürede düzeltilmesini istiyorum. 

I'm having the same issue - please could you suggest how to fix this. I only see one friend despite all my settings being correct. I give permission to check my account: johnnie.llewellyn

Thanks for these tips. Have tried them all, including finally contacting Spotify Support (who were anything but helpful).


Spotify Support was absolutely useless. They transferred me around 3 times (with zero communication about it) until I was connected with a very aggressive and unhelpful support rep.  The rep told me I'm showing "0 Friends" from FB on Spotify (though I have 2,500 friends at at least 1,000 of them are on Spotify), because all my FB friends MUST have their Privacy Settings turned to PRIVATE. This is absolutely a joke and not true. 


I've tried everything... pretty much giving up on this which very much sucks. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 1.46.35 PM.png

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