The unbearable truth


The unbearable truth



Let's talk about something different today, that probably not a lot have faced or think about.

I have my sister who she is 10 years now quadriplegic(i.e. like Stephen Hawking). Unfortunately she can't use computer. We have family subscription. She is on a wheelchair and because of her health issues she can't move and has to use Spotify for medicating music because has also psychological issues after the heavy car accident. So where is the problem? The problem is that a tech company that we have paid a lot to make her a system to and special software to have access to useful web content including Spotify, many times because the app is not running at the special OS for quadriplegic humans and the company is unable to build an app for Spotify because of the closed code that is using, has to use spotify through a special voice command browser and very often 3 times every month at least Spotify is logging her out with no reason so she has to face the cruel CAPTCHA policy you use... as you can understand she is not in a position to select buses, cars, signs etc in order to log in again and a lot of times she stays out of the system while she needs the medication music and narrations to not psychologically freak out.


What is my request? I think it is obvious, i want you to change the policy and instead from the first try that you have to perform tasks in CAPTCHA to log in to change it to after four or five unsuccessful logins to start asking CAPTCHA for signs, roads, cars etc.

Personally i find this CAPTCHA policy you using very cruel, rethink it and do what is necessary or provide special subscriptions for people like my sister because as CAPTCHA says "i'm not a robot" not yet at least... think of her anytime you use CAPTCHA and any other person with disabilities that have difficulties with it.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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Hey @rekle,


Unfortunately it's not Spotify that chooses how "lenient" CAPTCHA is. CAPTCHA is a Google product and it uses complicated AI/Machine Learning technology to detect whether picture selecting is required. And as CAPTCHA is a defense against bot spam on Spotify's platform, it is highly unlikely that it'll ever be removed.


Sorry for any inconveniences.