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Top Weekly Tracks update randomly or not at all

Top Weekly Tracks update randomly or not at all

When does Spotify update the "Top Weekly Tracks" and "Top Weekly Artists" for users?  I haven't gotten an update at all this week and I love to see what I listen to.  Sometimes it updates on a Monday, and sometimes not until Thursday.  Seems incredibly random and unreliable.  Why offer a service if you aren't going to maintain it?

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Hey 🙂 


Are you referring to the "Top Lists" section in the desktop client or are you using a Spotify playlist such as Top Tracks in The United Kingdom ? 


To my knowledge, those lists are actually generated manually, so it is possible people are just busy if that is the case!



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It's in the "Top Lists" on the desktop client for just me or the "Top Tracks" for any user (that shares it) on the mobile apps.


It's a shame that it's generated manually if that is the case, but again, why offer a service and then not maintain it for paying customers?

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