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Very pissed off customer

Very pissed off customer

My account was hacked and i dont know how and all of my personal information is at risk and this customer service team sucks at making their customers feel important. I want to be contacted immediately. This is a pretty serious problem.
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Also, id like to make the point i had to create another account just to post and get help. Spotify, youre about to lose business and pandora is about to gain business.


I want to be contacted immediately. I will continue to create new topics until im taken seriously.

Here is another topic in regards to my account being hacked.

Keepin em flowing until i catch some attention here. As a business, your paying customers come first.

WTF is the new update?? What user and clown designed that **bleep**???

**bleep** that clown

Right!? They just dont like to accept that their customer service is total bull 5hit

Wow, this is rediculous. All these topics and no responses when my personal info including financial accounts are at risk.

I got the same problem here. Got an mail that said my email hade been changed and after that i have no access to my Spotify account.


I can't use the contact thing on the webpage because when i do Spotify contact's the one who changed my emailadress (his adress).

Thursday i emailed spotify at: and still no answer. That is kind of crappy support since i am a paying customer.

Problem is it will probably not help complaining aboit here either. 🙂

This may be true! But atleast it will catch some attention and maybe.. just maybe someone will get off their ass and do something about the fact that they dont care about their customers.

Wow... look at the time ticking by. I guess i haven't made enough noise for this company to care about other peoples information.

Wasn't kidding. Going to keep posting topics until i get some goddamn service.

The longer i continue to wait, the worse it will be.

Seriously!? Someone makes this much trouble and still no response?!

Where is the customer service?


Message them here, on facebook. Took a day, I had to have an additional e-mail and provide them with proof that it was my account, but now I can log on to spotify as usual 😄

Thank you very much! Message sent! Now to see if spotify really cares about their customers. Kudos to you sir.

Well i guess i made enough of a fuss. Lets see what happens. Stay tuned.

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