[][0.7.9]Inaudible volume levels after notification triggers audio ducking


[][0.7.9]Inaudible volume levels after notification triggers audio ducking

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Since the latest update on the Spotify app the music will no longer get interrupted by notifications. This functionality is far from useful when using other apps simultaneously.


Often I use Spotify in the car in combination with my GPS and an app which warns me (legally) for speed traps. Before the update Spotify briefly paused for a GPS instruction or an alarm for a speed trap, which made them clearly noticable.


The apps in this case are Sygic and FlitsNav (Dutch). They use respectively the media volume and alarm volume, both are giving problems.
- The media volume is briefly lowered when Sygic has an instruction. Because Sygic uses this volume too, the instruction volume is lowered as well. This makes that the instructions are pronounced on a lower volume than normally and let the music kick in hard again after the barely audible instructions.
- FlitsNav uses the alarm volume, the same as used for the alarm clock. Even though the warnings are noticable, they are far less clear than they used to be. This makes that this app becomes far less affective compared to a total interruption of the music.


Is there a possibility to have the music interrupted for notifications again?


Phone: Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini
Android version: 4.1.2 (latest)
Spotify version: Latest update (automatically installed on April 10, 2014)
Sygic version: 13.4.2
FlitsNav version: 3.0.4


EDIT: I amended the subject/title to distinguish theis thread from http://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Android/Music-interrupted-by-notification-ring/m-p/235200#U2352...

EDIT: Temporary solution here: http://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Android/1-0-0-70-0-7-9-Inaudible-volume-levels-after-notificati...


Just got an update from the Play Store ( at least according to the changelog it should be fixed now. I didn't have time to test it yet.

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SUCCESS!!! It works directly again for me as well. THANK YOU devs! I'm glad this real issue finally found a resolution.


Hey everyone, it seems safe to announce now that this bug is now fixed!


Thanks to everyone who reported the issue to issue, and for being so patient during the meantime.


Happy listening!



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Awesome, it works. I can hear The Google Lady tell me where to turn. 


If a man could dream:

1) Can we get a slider in the settings that can make Google Lady louder? Sometimes, the music's level is high enough to interfere.

2) An option to pause or mute Spotify for Google Lady?

3) Ability to delay the Spotify muting for up to a second after Google Lady is done talking?






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Confirming that this is also working for me now on my Note 3 running 4.4.2. 


Thank you, Spotify Android Dev Team, for getting the issue corrected and thanks to those in support for dealing with us during the duration of this fix. I am very happy with the new app's UI and the ducking feature works flawlessly now. You have provided an amazing service to us which a lot of people in this thread fail to appreciate. 


I can also confirm that this is now functioning properly. Thanks Spotify dev!

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Wow!  I was excited to get an update come through on my phone today, and to check here to find whether people are liking it.  Thank you so much for the update!  This will bring me back to using Spotify in the car again!

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Well, I'm very happy this is solved. Thank you. And I must admit, the lower music volume during a navigation instruction - instead of the old way of just stopping the music - is very nice.


But I really think this shouldn't have taken so long, and they could have at least provided an APK here in the meantime, or at the very least an MD5 checksum so people could have verified if the APK they found elsewhere was legit or might contain malware.

Thank you! Now please add chromecast support.



you may be interested in this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nop.spoticast


Also, thank you spotify devs, I too can confirm the fix.

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@M25 wrote:


you may be interested in this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nop.spoticast

Sorry, but any "solution" that relays on the phone for actually streaming Spotify, is not proper Chromecast support. Kudos to the Spoticast developer, and I know he has done as much as he could with the current Spotify API and libs, but the biggest selling point of Chromecast is that I can even turn off my phone if I want to, and I'm not wasting bandwith and battery while casting.


Spoticast might be a nice hack for some, but It's not proper Chromecast support. And it is not developed, supported or endorsed by Spotify. And you must give to a third party app your full Spotify credentials (username and password). And it works only on Android. And so on.

Please, can all the Spoticast fans just stop promoting it as something it is not? Thank you!


Now working as intended, but the battery drain has seriously increased, with Spotify taking up 57% of the battery drain on a 2 hour drive, whereas it would be around 5-10% usually. 


I've rebooted now and reinstalled from scratch, so maybe that'll help 😕

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Just got the notification that spotify had an update. I tested waze while walking the dog and it appears they fixed the ducking issue. TODAYS release of version is the fix!!!

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Confirmed working on my phone too. Finally.

You know what I find ironic about this? There is still no update from the spotify team. I only found out that there is a new version because if this thread.

The spotify staff surely would have known that this version was going live and still not even a peep to say "we have resolved this issue in the beta channel and we will be releasing it soon after a bit more testing."

Thanks for fixing the issue, Spotify, but you really need to work on your absolutely pathetic communication.

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Who dares press the 'solved' button again ;-)?

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This has now been fixed on my device as well. Tested with Waze and Maps.


Subscription renewed.  Though it would have been nice for someone from Spotify to respond here. Regardless, it's fixed, and I'm good with that.

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I tried it and it's working properly now for me (with Tomtom but should work for other apps too)! At last. Thanks to the hard working developers! 🙂

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tested with waze. Works perfectly !

Many thanks spotify 🙂


Just got an update from the Play Store ( at least according to the changelog it should be fixed now. I didn't have time to test it yet.

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Today I have checked how Deezer app works with notificications.

Notifications and music have the same volume, but not lowered.

Suprisingly this combination is fully understandable and is good enough for me.


Maybe such behaviour might be a work around/solution for Spotify developers?


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Thanks for the older APK. I will indeed try installing it. The new UI will be lost, but at least it works 😛

Another problem I am experiencing since the latest update is a constant high pitched beep when connected to my car. Google Play All Access doesn't suffer from it.