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Black Screen on Android


Black Screen on Android

Hi ! My spotify premium account used to work fine on my 4.2 Android on my Blu Life Min smartphone but suddently it would't open a and it only shows a black screen. I tried to uninstalled it and install il again and nothing ! Besides, I tried to update my ANdroid but it says that everything is updated...The SD card is internal...I deleeted cachè...can anyone help me? I'm paying premium for nothing ! Thanks



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Whipe is not a permanent solution anyway. Seems like there is a problem with the app. I installed an older version and it works fine.

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Nope, I installed, I think it was the latest non beta. Make
sure you turn off the auto update for Spotify!

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Hi @manatop


Welcome to the community!


Have you tried to update the version of your Android operating system?


I've seen the same experience here and it looks like updating the operating system can fix it.


Hope it helps. Have an awesome day 🙂


P.S. I'm not a Spotify employee


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Hi manatop. Welcome to the Spotify Community!


It seems a bit strange that the Spotify app isn't working on your Android device with version 4.2. My question is, how much memory was left on your internal memory?


The Spotify app needs at least 500 MB free space for it to run smoothly. If you have enough space and the Spotify is showing blank screen, try restarting your device first before accessing the app (a couple of seconds will do).


If the screen is still blank, you may want to coordinate with Spotify to see what else can they recommend in your situation. You can reach out to them here, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on their Facebook page.






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***I'm not in any means working or related with Spotify. I’m just trying to be helpful, that’s it!***

I'm getting exactly the same thing, I've reinstalled several times deleted cashe etc.

I have plenty of memory 3gb and I'm running 6.0.1 marshmallow with no sdcard installed.

If I go to the app manager and delete all data it runs fine but only for so long then I'm back to the black screen boot up for a few seconds then back to app draw.

Tried all the solutions to fix the problem and still the same thing, I have a xiaomi redmi note 3 snapdragon, running 6.0.1. Reinstalling or deleting app data fixes the problem very temporary and choosing a song to play usually make the app crash and only open with a black screen.
I've downloaded logcat try and show something but I'll be honest I've no dev or logging experience at all. The logs at the end are the only thing that show up when I try to open.

I have exactly the same problem as manatop and nirwanda360. My phone is also a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 snapdragon, 2GB memory and 16GB, though I'm running Android 5.1, or MIUI to be more exact. Until yesterday Spotify was working fine and suddenly I have a black screen when I'm trying to open it. Here is some stuff I did trying to fix it:

I've always had Spotify "locked" so that the memory manager wouldn't close it and also had added it to the exceptions in the memory manager. Therefore, I had no problems until yesterday

I did a clean re-install, looking for folders left in the internal and external storage (there were none), rebooting and then installing. Problem remains. I did it a couple of times btw

I tried to mount my storage on and off, problem remains, even if I install spotify while the storage is unmounted.

I noticed the following. If I force stop the app and delete all cache, when I restart it it will turn on. I will log in and then after a while the app will crash again.


Please find me a solution asap otherwise I will have to cancel my subscription, which would be a shame as I like the service.





I'm running the global development rom, marshmallow 6.0.1 6.9.29
I can make it crash every time now by coming out of the app and clicking on the drop down notification bar to go back into the app but I've had it crash just clicking on new songs after I've gone back into the app, I too made sure there was no restrictions on Spotify in the rom setting.

Added some different logs that seem to have happened after a crash but still not sure what I'm logging or doing.

I have the same problem here, i launch in a first time and crash when play a song, but before is imposible to launch again the app, whats happening?

Just fixed it now, I've factory reset my phone from settings menu been into settings and made sure anything that could affect Spotify is turned off, also stopped it from updating for now.

Don't know what happened.
Never had a problem with spotify (except the part of de-activating some optimisation on miui) and this was 4 months ago.
Today, puff, suddenly crashed the spotify, black screen and goes back to the phone menu (but I can see the app running on background...).
Wiped everything, deleted the app, installed again, start running but once I have changed track, puff, down again...


I had exactly the same thing, tried everything including uninstalling all the updates from everything, but factory reset worked perfectly, it's not really as bad as it sound as everything is backed up to mi cloud and Google play, I even managed to keep all my photos.

The issue is that a factory reset is not, on my perspective, a solution by itself.
It doesn't make sense that it always worked, even after 2 or 3 miui updates on my case.
And suddenly by no valid reason, while listening to spotify, simply just crashed and never went back to normal.

I has the same problem, it was after using the security app or about 10 updates for other app, if you go to the app manager and clear data and log back in it will work again, but if you come out of the app and try to reenter through the notification bar it will stick in a crash loop of black screen and back to app page.
I uninstalled all app updates and changed settings in app permission on battery, nothing worked.
But factory reset worked fine and my Spotify runs better than ever now.

Worked perfectly yesterday but today after an overnight update I managed to stop yesterday I'm getting the same thing again so it's definitely the app and not the phone. The rollback version of the app worked great.

So basically you did a full reset to the mobile for nothing... 😛
Bad luck. Really hope you saved everything

Proves it's not the phone though, may try again and see if I can force it not to update and that it's an update, to be honest the updates have been steadily making the app worse I had a few problems with having to close the app before it played stuff.
Haven't lost anything doing a full factory reset everything backs up to google/mi cloud.

Hi i'm having the exact same issue on my Mi Note Pro Running Beta Miui 8. It was workng perfectly until yesterday. Really don't want to have to wipe phone. Hopefully there will be a fix soon. Are spotify aware of the issue?

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