Enough with this.

Enough with this.


I'm a fellow android user using Spotify Premium daily for 3+ years, and I am so frustrated with how nonchalant and indifferent the whole company is regarding features, and the 'Idea' system that I believe that this post would resonate with at least someone.


The Problem

You guys removed the swiping down motion for search & filter, an option that is still readily available on iOS, for no reason what-so-ever, causing all Android users to suffer.


The 2 "Ideas" to bring it back predates back to 2018, has more than 2.500 votes, more than the first 3 implemented ideas in this month combined! 


During this period:

  • Radio silence ensued for more than the first 6 months,
  • The 2 ideas more than often was 'marked as new'- even though they were months old
  • The ideas were no where near 'Good Idea' until now, being left to desolation.
  • India gained access to Spotify but apparently the team was more invested on NOT thinking about ramifications on removing features

This abysmal nature of behavior is not sporadic either, as shown in the links below (More than 10) the app simply is either unresponsive, takes more than 3+ minutes to realize whether it's online or not, indiscriminately botchers up SD Card usage on my phone that can manage to buffer 4K video but is unable to load one song on some times but sometimes manages to load THE WHOLE PLAYLIST OF MORE THAN 900 SONGS the moment I clear the cache (and happens whether I use the internal storage or not),


And most importantly, manages to search online for a song but says that I should "Go online to see menu." at the same time. Either the whole national LTE data system in where I live is incapable of holding itself for 10 seconds (but unsurprisingly is able to download movies offline) or something is wrong here and Spotify won't see it. -An error that happens on more than 3 dearest phones and was observed by me for years. No amount of 'reinstalling or deleting' can be the cure.


We are being regarded as second-class citizens for sure by now as Android users, as I am incapable of seeing why they would, at the same time, not remove the option to long press on songs to reveal the menu on iOS but remove it on Android-

The same goes for alphabetical sorting and especially for filter and search and thereby subjecting all of us to the following:


  1. Hope that you can open the playlist and not be subjected to a spinning green circle for minutes only to see the dreaded 'Spotify is offline' schtick.
  2. Go to the top of the playlist
  3. Tap on the 3 dots
  4. Select 'Find in playlist'
  5. Search for the song
  6. Rinse and repeat

And I hope that none of you are trying to add a song to queue now, as the lovely "Go online to see menu." prompt will probably haunt you sometime, even if the song is downloaded for offline.


And since this is almost a monopoly we really have no much of a choice other than to either buy an Apple device or to lose something that I really don't like to as a human: valuable time!


Thanks for "thriving" on causing frustration and misery, on making people beg and plead, on an app that tens of millions use daily and in my opinion, definitely not on ideas.


Examples of which could be seen by these posts: ( He specifically resetted the cache which I found out that it does work temporarily, but it is not a permanent solution)



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