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Spotify disappeared from tray, lock screen.


Spotify disappeared from tray, lock screen.

I've tried messing with notifications, resetting app preferences etc. In Marshmallow but nothing seems to bring Spotify back.

If I thumb the circle and go to my main screen Spotify is no longer in my tray or seen in my lockscreen. I then have to manually open my phone and go back into Spotify to change songs, etc.

attached pic shows my phone info.

I'm on a Motorola Nexus 6 w/ Marshmallow. No root.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Just installing this version fixed for me. Over install as well, not a clean. Didn't even mess with permissions. Gonna revert to production and retry your permissions idea.

It didn't work, well it did for about 10 minutes and then it stopped working again. I am downloading 6.2 from the apkmirror site previously posted and see how it goes since that version worked fine for me previously.
Note that downgrading may require you to re-download your music so don't so it unless you have time to re-download.

Downgrading seems to have fixed it as well so pretty much the solution is to downgrade to 6.2 and DO NOT upgrade to 6.3 in the playstore (keep auto updates disabled) or use the latest beta.
I found the latest beta to be pretty poor performance wise so I went back.
The problems disappeared.
Thanks Spotify for the continued lack of acknowledgement on this issue and failure to release a fix in a timely manner.

The Beta version seems to have fixed the issue to me.


Download here (or thru other, official, channels) ^^


So, to wrap it up for other readers;


Either upgrade to the beta version (released 19 october 2016) or downgrade to version 6.2 (look it up on

Right so the beta mostly works for me but the notification just disappeared again, so it's not perfect yet! At least they're working on it so the next version should be good to go but yeah, an acknowledgement of the issue to their PAYING customers would be nice!

Performance wise it's been fine for me but I might downgrade to 6.2 until the next version/beta

Ugh, so the adventure continues.. I really had hoped it fixed the issue, as i didn't come across it yet (in about 2 days).

Beta didn't work for me either, as with all other suggestions just when you think its ok then it goes and fails! Oh well back to restarting the app every time 

brirob try Downgrading to 6.2. I can only speak for myself but to me restarting over and over again is a poor solution and not to mention a great waste of time.
You *might* have to re-download music again (if you do that) at least that's what I had to do but that may have been because I uninstalled the beta first before reinstalling 6.2.
Heres the steps:
- uninstall Spotify
- make sure auto update in playstore is disabled or it'll automatically update you back to 6.3
- enable the ability to install apps outside of the playstore (I suggest disabling this setting once you've installed 6.2)
- go to
- download the apk for ARM architecture and install it

Update: Beta does not work for me either, as of this morning.

Thanks now using ver 6.2 and auto updates turned off, seems fine so far! Will await a new release , Spotify have said in emails they are working on a fix.

I'm still not having much luck finding a solution, but I did notice that the controls come back and the spotify icon appears in my tray if I am actively downloading music playlists from spotify. Its not a solution at all, but I thought it was an interesting occurence.

It's the app/update, I tried everything, uninstalled then installed the previous version and everything works fine

Same on 6P.  More specifically, when turning car off while playing bluetooth, music will switch to the phone's speakers and keep playing, when before it would stay off.  Pause works on lock screen, but not skip.


Started a few weeks ago.

I had exactly the same issue, ignore advice on the forums messing about with phone settings etc, it's the app uninstall it. Download and install version You can get it here all worked perfectly again

6.2 should work fine, is there a reason why 6.1 is suggested instead?

i was really enjoying spotify, especially connected to my car via bluetooth, 6.1 worked fine for me no issues, i started experiencing the same problems as everyone else as soon as i updated to 6.2. I reverted back to 6.1 and all the issues i encountered were resolved. My phone settings are all fine, So no other reason for installing 6.1 than it worked fine for me

Yeah my phone is playing audio still too coming off bluetooth. Also my car's steering wheel controls won't change songs when the Spotify tray isn't there.

Mb9023, install 6.1, I had the same issue, now fixed

I'll probably wait a while and hope they issue a hotfix. Too lazy to reinstall it again and download my redownload my offline songs.

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So there's another new beta for Spotify out today ( No guarantee yet that the notification/controls issue is fixed but it's worth a try. I had it installed out and about today and it seemed fine, performance was perfect too, but you never know. Will report back if it fails again.

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