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Spotify is auto shuffling through alexa app

Spotify is auto shuffling through alexa app






Galaxy s8


My Question or Issue

 I have an echo dot and very recently Spotify has started to turn on auto shuffle every time I ask to play an artist's music. I have tried turning it off through the app and via voice commands, but every time I do so it is turned back on as soon as I ask the echo dot to play another artist. Spotify version is armv7




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On Amazon music now for a trial for for 3 months for free.


You can tell Alexa to play the top ten of your chosen artist, it doesnt shuffle on Amazon music however if you just ask it to play songs from an artist it will shuffle the same as Spotify, if you tell it to play the greatest hits on Amazon it does but shuffles not from top down. I have been told you can stop the shuffling I just need to find out how or if you can do this.

So far the music is about the same for quality and content however I think the algorithms are better on spotify for suggested playlists. The problem is even with a family Spotify account its mine on the Echos and the kids mess up the algorithms due to their selections. It would be nice to be able to have each of their echos with their own Spotify accounts on them. Overall I think the problem is with Amazon, its control system still needs improving considering how long the Gen 1 echo came out.


Not listening to this type of feedback is going to harm Spotifys company perception. Just wait until theres a viable rival. Then you'll have to stop resting on your laurels. 

Spotify is broken. You ask for songs by an artist, it plays some b-side shite nobody ever heard of. This is not a feature.

Start listening.

Same problem here:

Every evening when my kids want to listen to some stories before going to bed I need to log off of the Spotify app, log in with the Spotify account I created for Alexa, disable shuffle and log off and in again to my personal account. 

I have now started my 3 months amazon music trial. 


It is sad to see how a once promising European company loses it’s mojo and once again the money goes to the US. 


What really annoys me are the standard template answers from the moderators. I am

paying 15€ for a perfectly scalable product and the first time I really need something I get this low level service. 

This is really annoying.

Just cancelled my account...

This auto shuffling is really getting on my nerves. Spotify please reverse the changes!

This is making me go insane. I can't believe how long this has been the case for...


"I want to listen to this artist, and by the way, could you please play a huge selection of their least popular songs and random live recordings as I dont really enjoy being alive and my time is entirely unimportant..."


Is this a genuine quote from the person you asked before you implemented this feature?


Fix it. 



Is it even possible we don't get a reply from any Spotify employee?
Is it so little they care about their customers??
Is it so difficult to understand that a regression happened?
Even if they believe there is value in giving the user the possibility to shuffle, why on earth that should be a default??
I basically stopped asking Alexa to play specific artists as I only get the most obscure and useless songs of them...
I think it's time to move to Amazon Music, but I do believe is so silly to not react to such a simple regression...

Exactly.  I read somewhere that if an idea gets 500 votes they talk about it at a meeting.  Other than that tough luck, but thanks for your $$.  

Did you ever move services? Which one works best? This spotify shuffle thing is madness.

I can't believe this is still a problem they won't address. 

Well, I’m gone. Amazon Music works brilliantly not only by playing popular tracks by artists but by being able to play genres, find songs by lyrics, year or decade released.. I couldn’t go back now! 


Oh and and as a Prime subscriber (like most of the world) it’s cheaper too. 


Sucsh a shame. Spotify used to be a Product company. 

I think I'm going to sign up for an Amazon Music trial today. Spotify's usefulness has faded away. 

I come from Amazon Music. One Week on spotify and I am going back to Amazon now. Shuffeling Chapters of Audiobooks, how stupid is that?! Chapter 13, Chapter 2, Chapter 21...


Spotify CS: "ah sorry, not enough votes for a change"

Sorry too Spotify, if you need votes to change a that obvious issue. *facepalm*

This is absurd. Ok so if I ask for an artist, yes, I can understand that a random selection of tunes from that artist makes sense. Fine.

But then asking for a specific album. Can you name one possible user journey where someone asks for an album and wants to hear the album in a random order? This is kind of amazingly poor levels of UX.

Tech companies like Spotify employ lots of bright young things but clearly none are reading these posts closely.  What is also clear is that Spotify employees are not using Spotify through Alexa themseleves.  Otherwise, they would surely know how incredibly annoying it is to be forced to listen to an artist's B-side tracks constantly and this ridiculous forced shuffle siuation would have been rectified.


Before the change to forced shuffle, there were a few lone voices moaning about hearing an artists's most popular songs everytime Alexa played an artist via Spotify.  However, it only takes seconds to see that those lone voices are far outweighed by the many many voices critisicing the enforced shuffling of songs which now occurs when using Spotify via Alexa.  


If Spotify doesnt listen up, they will lose market share to Amazon and Apple music.  I am switching to Apple home pod and Apple music when I move home in a couple of months.  Spotify are clearly not listening or cannot control Amazon so one can only vote with one's feet.  Bye bye spotify x




Exactly. I posted several weeks ago about the shuffle button being grayed out on mobile. They replied that "the right folks" are looking into it. I have to assume the wrong folks are working on it considering the button is still grayed out. 

Just went onto Spotify help to ask the question and here is the response:


We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall. We can't say if or when any specific features will be back, but as soon as we’ve got anything to announce we’ll let everyone know over on the Spotify Community at

Another update:


Thank you for waiting. Since the post has already reached more that 100 votes, this might be considered in our future updates 🙂

Attached the last few comments of my chat.


folks it seems that Spotify is unwilling or unable to reverse this change so as much as I hate to do this I will start looking at changing over to Amazon.


3 Years I have been with Spotify! What a disappointment!


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