Spotify runs background processes when app is closed

Spotify runs background processes when app is closed


Even after I close out Spotify on my device, under Apps > Running, there are 6 Spotify services still running in the background.


I have Spotify's Offline mode enabled, so there are no notifications coming in, nor do not have any Spotify widgets active.  


If I power off/on my phone, these processes are no longer running only until I launch Spotify again. 


Is there a reason why Spotify needs to run processes after the app has been closed? These kind of background processes are deteriorating my battery life. 


Running Android 5.0 official build on Nexus 5.



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I wonder, why there have to be six services running, when the App has been closed, myself... I can't estimate the effect on battery life, but still - this simply seems unnecessary. I guess it has to do with Spotify Connect or Looking for new tracks to download (when added to offline playslists on another device).


But I would like it much more, if I could decide when to remotely control another device or to download new songs by simply opening the app again. No need for 6 services to do that for me and disturb my workflow (download-notifications popping up suddendly) and no need to possibly even reduce my battery life!


I didn't even think about Spotify Connect looking for other connected Spotify players… 


Even so, once the app is closed, no services should be running at all. 


Something horrific has been eating away at my battery. Mind you I have moved from an old iPhone 4s to a Nexus 5.


On the iPhone 4s with iOS8, I only lost 3% to 5% battery over night. With equivalent settings on my Nexus using KitKat, now Lollipop, I am losing 23% to 35% over night (with Google Now disabled). That's an enormous difference. 


Although, when Spotify introduced Connect, I did not have the latest version on my iPhone, so I can't say if this is the cause.


When I contacted a Google CSR about continued background services, her response about Android devices was disappointing. She said it was possible that closed apps may continue to run background processes. It's up to the developer.


Also, installing a Task manager has no affect. It will only restart these process(es). 


So the only way to kill Spotify's background services is to restart my device each time? Please tell me Spotify will fix this issue or provide a better explanation.



Having something in RAM doesn't mean it's using power. Android keeps as many apps as it can in memory so they can be started faster if you return or open them again. If another app needs that RAM, something else will be flushed.


If you suspect Spotify is using battery when you're not using it, you can use a battery monitor like GSam to see what exactly is draining the battery. I highly doubt Spotify is the cause to any battery drain, especially if you're offline.


@MrDelicious thanks for the explanation. I'll continue troubleshooting my battery life woes elsewhere.


Beacuse I only had 2 addtional apps installed besides the stock apps, it rose suspicion why an app would continue to process after it's been closed. After 7 years, I'm returning to Android, so this is all new to me. 


In any case, the issue isn't with Lollipop because KitKat yielded the same results from what I recall.


It could be a number of things: a poor mobile connection possibly combined with mobile data being on, Google services (especially Location services tend to wake the phone alot), some type of connectivity being accessed constantly (Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, bad Wifi connection), etc. 20-30% of battery used when the phone is supposed to be sleeping is alot, definitely not normal.


I'm not completely ruling out Spotify being the cause, but I've never had issues with it. Like I said, a good battery monitor like GSam is great at getting to the root of the problem.

If you're rooted you could set up an automation program to execute the shell command "am force-stop" or execute it yourself. It is the same as tapping "Stop" in the Settings->Apps menu. Had similar issues with Spotify and this did it for me. Just noticed that the Spotify wakelocks were gone, didn't look further into the involved processes.

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