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Crashing on startup/search issues


Crashing on startup/search issues

Hi all,


A number of users are experiencing some Spotify issues at the moment - crashing on startup, search not working, etc.


Could you help us out by posting the following info:


-- Operating system(s) affected

-- Version of Spotify

-- Country


Thanks everyone. The more accurate info we can collect the faster we can get this fixed.


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Have you tried a clean reinstallation @KaNeaS ?

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I ended up finding a solution on this thread!


On windows7, it consisted in deleting the cache folder:



Then spotify started, and stayed open!


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Try downloading the new version that was just announced


You may notice a few features are missing in the new version and Spotify hopes to bring some of those back in a future update.


Does it work for you?

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291 Replies

Windows 7 no idea what version, i just redownloaded this morning, im in the US

-- Operating system(s) affected: Windows 7 64 bit

-- Version of Spotify:

-- Country: USA


Edit: At the moment at least it's working again. Perhaps ungracefully quiting without any sort of error message isn't the best way to handle whatever this error was in the future?

I've noticed several threads about this on the community! Can't test though, as I'm at school...

I am experiencing this on windows 7, Latest version (just reinstalled the program), USA


Edit:  Works fine on iPhone 5 running iOS 7 Beta 2


Edit 2: Was able to start it again... let's hope it keeps working!!! Thanks for the fast response guys!! 




- Windows 7

- newest version

- US

OS X 10.8.4

Spotify as downloaded 7/4/2013 (won't stay open to find version #, but I reinstalled it this mornong.

Crashes  and closes upon opening.

Mac OS 10.8.4


Crashing on startup

Windows 7



iOS 5




@dmorales4 wrote:

Windows 7 no idea what version, i just redownloaded this morning, im in the US

If you can get it open, go to About->Spotify and click the number to copy it 🙂


Same issue,  same system.

country USA

versions: latest on both windows 7 64 bit and mac 10.8.3

unfortunately i can't even see which version i have b/c it closes too fast for me to check!


please have a fix soon!

-- Operating system(s) affected:  Mac and iPhone

-- Version of Spotify: Latest

-- Country: US

Crash upon opening.


Windows 7 SP1


Mac OS X 10.8.2


Spotify version:




Mac OSX 10.8.4


OSX 10.7.5



Initially search issues and not displaying Overview/Bio info for artsist.

Restarted, now crashing on startup


Windows 7

Version 9.1.53 (g876fa9df)


Mac OS X 10.8.4.

Spotify Version

United States


As of just this minute, the issue seems to be temporarily resolved.

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