Cannot Connect to Internet, Error code 4,


Cannot Connect to Internet, Error code 4,







Windows 10 Desktop, Latest Update, checked 7/5/2020. 

Spotify Desktop/ or Windows 10 App, same issue. Both uninstalled, and reinstalled and attempted today. 

My Question or Issue

I cannot connect to the internet; error code: 4. 

All of a sudden we simply cannot connect to the internet with the desktop app or program. The chrome webpage player works fine.


•I restarted the PC. 

•I uninstalled the desktop player, and restarted, reinstalled.

•I uninstalled the desktop player program, deleted all related programs, and restarted, reinstalled, and attempted. 

•I uninstalled again, installed the windows 10 app version. 

•I restarted the PC again. I attempted all of the suggestions on this page, meaning I allowed it through the firewall, added to exception list of my antivirus (Avast) tried the DNS settings to "Set Preferred DNS server to > Alternate DNS server to<  " and restarted the PC and app every time. 

•Disabled all of the security I have, including Avast, Windows Defender...everything I can think of. 

• Changed Proxy to manual, saved, tried it, went back to auto, saved, tried it. 

•Connected to Phone for mobile hotspot; web-player works, desktop app does not. 

•Verified Wifi Adapter was on most recent update for driver.


•Logged in to different user, still no joy.



Honestly at my wits end, any ideas?

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