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Duo Mix Playlist Bug

Duo Mix Playlist Bug



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So as you know, Duo Mix has three different playlists as seen below; 


The two buttons trigger a change in the playlist in a way that it suits the said mood and if you press an already highlighted mood, it changes back to the normal Duo Mix playlist.

However; on desktop app, chill and upbeat are nowhere to be found.



Trying to trick the system using the mobile app but there's an interesting issue there...







It bugs out like I never played anything at all and also freezes for a good few seconds! I have a high-end computer that will handle anything the Spotify desktop app can offer, too. Couldn't find a solution online or by experimenting with iOS, Android apps or desktop version. Also, while experimenting with the iOS and the desktop app, i noticed that the first Duo Playlist that I save is permanent, it doesn't change on the desktop app like it does on mobile versions and also, content cannot be played yet again. I hope this gets fixed as soon as possible because we just switched to Premium Duo plan with my girlfriend for a more expensive price. Abandoning the Student Premium plan isn't just worth for us (wallet-wise) not being able to use the different and unique playlists tailored just for us.


I hope this gathers some attention to the issue. Thanks for reading!


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Hi there @pillibebek-32,

Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


We'd recommend running a clean reinstall of the app on your computer. Please follow the steps from this guide exactly. After that try leaving and re-joining the Duo Mix from this link. You can also try the Web player and see if the mix plays normally from there.


Let us know if you're still having issues playing the mix after that.



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