Playback Speed Increases Unexpectedly

Playback Speed Increases Unexpectedly


OS: Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Spotify Version:


I am experiencing a bug where music playback speed seems to be increased unexpectedly. The bug may be occuring when I've had the program open, pause music, then restart listening.


This is occuring in both the Windows 8.1 desktop application as well as the Android app. I cannot say for sure at this time, but I believe it is also occuring in the desktop application running on my Windows 10 Pro machine (I do not have more info on this at the moment).


On PC, I use a USB DAC (Schiit Modi, first generation), however the bug occurs in the Android app as well, leading me to believe the DAC is not the problem. Under the Compatibility settings, I have Hardware Acceleration disabled.


This bug is usually resolved if I close the application and re-launch it, however this is a far from ideal solution.


I am extremely frustrated by this bug, and a bit of research suggests other users are also experiencing this behavior. 

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