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[iOS][Discover] Restore Touch Preview on iOS App

Touch preview removal on last iOS vers. update looks like it hasn't been a great idea. You are on time to restore it, one of the best Spotify features.

Updated on 2019-03-19



Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


This feature was originally removed from the app due to low engagement. There was a statement at the time which you can check out at


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as it's not something we have any immediate plans to add back onto the app.


If we do have any new info to share we'll check back in here with a new status.



This was literally the best feature in Spotify for me. I’m not sure really what you mean by  ‘looking into new possibilities for the long press feature’ because it’s been 3 years and you haven’t added another feature that uses the long press function.


If you really want to add features that use the same function. Why don’t you give people the option to change the action when someone performs a long press on a song. Rather that just removing the features that aren’t used as much.


I’m not sure if Apple Music has this feature but if it does, I’m definitely going to make the switch...


Still missing this feature every day!


I miss this functionality every single day. PLEASE give us the option to turn it back on in Settings. 


Just here to remind you that you removed without any reason the best feature that Spotify has had.


I used  touch preview a lot. It was fun to play around with. It also made it convenient adding songs to my playlist without cutting the current playing song. I could just preview it. 


Touch preview isn't back, but the functionality is back in a new part of the phone app.


(On phone, if the new Liked Songs screen has updated for you)

1. Go to "Your Library" > "Liked Songs" > tap "Add Songs"
2. You now have 4 panels of songs you can tap the small album art to play a preview


No, it's not touch preview, but I have been using it to find new stuff and it works well.




Such a bummer they never added something like this back to Spotify. Why do all these big companies like to ruin good things about their platform?


Still waiting for this to come back. Has been one of the greatest features and still no other app has something similar.


It's completely idiotic. It doesn't conflict with any other UI element that they've introduced, and could be enabled with a preference setting even if they wanted it to default to "off" for some reason. Removing it and replacing it with nothing is just the height of corporate arrogance. It was the one killer feature that Spotify alone had.


Since they obviously don't care, I switched to Apple last year. No regrets. (Apple doesn't have it either, but I can't see anything Spotify does that Apple doesn't do just as well.)


Honestly that was a massively stupid decision you smooth brains made removing the preview feature do better.