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Spotify doesn’t play on Bose SoundTouch anymore


Spotify doesn’t play on Bose SoundTouch anymore





(iPhone 11, iPad Air)

Operating System

(iOS latest update.)


My Question or Issue

I have a Bose SoundTouch which I can control from my iPhone or iPad using its SoundTouch app. I’ve never had an issue until a few days ago. Whenever I select a song, it just stays on the blue screen and nothing happens. No sounds, no information of the song or artist. Just blue. It’s the only music service that doesn’t work and Bose customer service says it’s 100% a Spotify issue. I’ve done most of the obvious troubleshooting so far (reset, sign out/in, reinstall, etc...). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!



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Hi Peter!


I’ve done all the aforementioned steps + factory reset of both of my Bose Soundtouch 10 speakers and the problem with Spotify still continues;

-Spotify music disconnects every 2-3 seconds asynchronously between the speakers, then reconnect, etc.


-this problem occurs no matter the way I use Spotify on my speakers; Soundtouch, Spotify, speaker buttons, or even via Bluetooth.

-I use a Spotify Premium Account

-Listening to Spotify on any other device works like a breeze.

-Every other music system (Radio Paradise, Radio-Classique, etc) I use on my Bose Soundtouch 10 via Soundtouch works perfectly.

-I don’t have a problem to play music coming from other systems (Apple Music) via Bluetooth.


Please let me know what would be the next steps.  I believe this problem likely started 1-2 weeks ago.




Update; updated my router's firmware and changed channel. Everything works for the moment...  Either this was wave interference or old firmware, I do not know.

Hey everyone,


Seems like performing a soft reset or hard reset on your speakers does the trick. We’d recommend you follow the steps suggested by @Veemaxt here and should that not work, try a factory reset. Head here to check out how.


Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on 🙂

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FINALLY FOUND THE SOLUTION!  None of the recommendations worked for me, until I did this.  I unplugged the router (not the modem, which are separate in my house) and unplugged the power source for each set of Bose 151 speakers in my Bose Soundtouch SA-5 system, and waited a minute or so, then plugged it all back in.  VOILA!  Spotify worked again.

Thanks mate! I’ve had same issue and it was solved due to your advice.

I found that solution online and glad that it finally worked out. I have a
feeling that I’ll need to do that every once in awhile.
Glad it worked for you, too.

I've had to perform the 'solution' numerous times. Thus, it is not a solution. It is a quick fix or a workaround. Please find an actual solution, and fix this bug.

  • Have the same issue as on this feed and unfortunately the issue keeps coming back. Have had the SoundTouch Stereo JC II wifi system for 5 years and up to now has worked well. Apple play, TuneIn, etc ok but Spotify through both the Spotify and Bose SoundTouch Apps keep intermittently cutting out.  At a loss as have tried various router settings, both direct Ethernet and a Wifi connections but same issue. Seems to have happened after a recent upgrade 2-3 weeks ago?  Any help appreciated? Thx. 

I have the same problem. Now it won`t play anymore. Tried soft reset, hard reset, wifi firmware update, but nothing worked.

Able to play spotify on every other device, but not on the Bose Soundtouch 10 speakers.


They used to work fine 2 weeks ago.



I have the same issue as yesterday my ST30 played Spotify music smoothly, now it's stuck in blue and won't play neither in SoundTouch app nor directly in Spotify connect, but TuneIn radio works fine.

I have ST20 and ST10. I tried rebooting router and hard reset speakers but Spotify will not play on ST. Plays fine on my Droid phone, iPad and PC. I also uninstalled and reinstalled both ST app and Spotify app. Bose recently changed to allow free Spotify on ST. I suspect an app modification to accommodate that change is causing a communications failure between ST and Spotify. Very frustrating that Spotify does not offer customer service and Bose says it’s a Spotify problem. I guess Bose does not give a S—t if it’s customers can’t use ST for Spotify. Makes me regret my Bose purchases.

Same thing for me. This last 2 days spotify connect fails to connect to either my SoundTouch 10 or Soundtouch 300. Both were working OK before.
I have restarted both speakers and the wifi, but issue is still there.
It does not matter if I use the Android Spotify App, or Windows client, its the same result.

I'm having this issue currently (May 7, 2020). None of the suggested 'resets' have worked. Any other ideas? 

I just got off the phone with Bose customer support. He said it's Spotify server issue of which Spotify and Bose are both aware and are working to resolve.  He could not provide an ETA but said server issues like this are normally resolved in a day or two.  He read (or at least purported to read) an update the Bose tech team had recently issued to the Bose customer care folks.  We'll see.  

same problem for me. since yesterday (may 6, 2020). i've been doing all kinds of bizarre troubleshooting... in the soundtouch app, amazon music works with no problem, but spotify has the same behavior as everyone else (blue screen, no music, etc). spotify works if i connect to the ST10 speaker BY AIRPLAY in the spotify app, BUT NOT BY SPOTIFY CONNECT. what the?

and by the way - the ST10 speaker has always been visible in my spotify connect "select a device" list, it's just that it would/could not connect.

my setup has been behaving very inconsistently, and sometimes it feels like something "jiggles the handle" and then it works fine, only to stop again after a minute or two.


now things seem to be working okay. (connected via spotify connect with consistent behavior between spotify app and soundtouch app - go figure)

sounds like it's being resolved (as Guitarwannabe mentioned)?

Update: fixed by now. My ST 10 is streaming fine for a couple of hours.

Glad to hear it’s working for you now. Not me yet

Try contacting @SpotifyCares on Twitter.... hope it helps

Hey all,


Thank you for reaching out about this here in the Community.


What you've mentioned was reported here and should be fixed now. Could you give it another try and let us know how it goes?



Mario Moderator
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