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School/University Search Not Working


School/University Search Not Working

I'm an Australian student and I've been trying to go through the verification process to renew my student discount (I had it last year but it ran out a few months ago and I'm only just getting around to sorting it out). Whenever I try to type in my university's name, nothing comes up and as soon as I click out of the box my typing disappears and resets. The dropdown box briefly displays the text 'loading...' when clicking on it but immediately disappears. 


I know my university is one that SheerID works for, or at least, it has in the past. I tried typing in other larger universities in my area to see if anything came up at all or if it was just mine, but nothing would come up for any searches. I've tried on multiple devices - iPhone and iPad in Safari and then on Macbook Air 2013 in Chrome (both regular and incognito tab) and Safari. Any advice on how to get past this issue would be a godsend - thank you!




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I'm having the same issue here.


I have tried all the steps as I am tying to renew my student discount.

It's also happening to me!

Just commenting to see if they resolve the issue but I think it may have to be done on a desktop or laptop

Still not working.

Same here! Actually I've been trying to get the student plan for months now but it's still the same. Did they stop fixing this issue?

Plan: Student Premium

Country: India

Device: (Samsung J7 Pro 2017 & Dell Inspiron 15)

Operating System: Android and Microsoft 10)

My question or issue:

I am also facing the same problem as this post. I have already tried everything mentioned as the solutions in the comment but nothing has worked so far. I have tried it on different browsers, on private window and on different IP address to.  It still hasn't worked. Please look into this. 

Hey there @x37r7u4ussq0fhl@Jules_Plat@SKGOutlaw and @aulerius,


Thanks for reaching out to pass this on!


Could you give it another try after a couple of hours have passed and let us know if that does the trick for you? This is because we've seen that for a lot of users, trying again later seems to resolve this.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your replies 🙂

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Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out!


This issue is still being investigated and the respective teams are doing their best to resolve it in the near future.


For now make sure you subscribe to the Ongoing Issue thread and leave any of your troubleshooting feedback as a post. This will greatly help our team 🙂

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As of Monday September 21st 2020, the Sheer ID student verification is STILL NOT working for me!!! Now I'm being charged full Premium rate! The University/College selection box fails to work despite me using several different browsers and also trying private browsers, clearing caches etc which makes absolutely no difference!! When will this be fixed! It's extremely annoying and frustrating. I've contacted Sheer ID about this but heard nothing. They keep saying they've fixed it for as long as I can see, going back over a year but they obviously haven't!

Having the same problem tried everything mentioned. How is this still not fixed!

still not working fix this

Hey there @yungdoer,


Thanks for posting - we're here to help.


It's a good idea to check first if you still experience the issue when using a private/incognito browser (to avoid cache issues) or when trying on a different device.


If you see no change after trying these steps, keep in mind we're still investigating an ongoing issue causing the drop-down list with schools not to work properly. You'll find the thread here.


Make sure you +VOTE to support our investigation. You can also check the steps in Status Update or Subscribe to stay up to date with any news. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.  

i tried on icognito still didn't work


but logged on via this link that soemones from sheerid sent me and it worked

Hi, I am having the same issue. Have tried all possible solutions but it still isn't working for me (Sept 23rd, Aus)



I am having the same issue: the drop down list for universities does not work. 


I have tried on two different browsers and in private/ incognito mode. 





Still not working. Been facing this issue for some time now. Tried all the methods provided, yet none of them did the trick.


I'm getting this same issue. I'm now being charged premium. Ive tried Chrome, Edge, my phone, my laptop, Ive tried incognito browers on all these things and it just doesnt work. Any updates????????

Can confirm this is not working for me - tried over a period of 3 days, with 3 different browsers on desktop, incognito off/on, and two different browsers on mobile. The university drop-down menu has the same issue on all of them, where it briefly flickers, says "loading", and then whites-out. As it is, it is not possible to proceed through the SheerID system. 

Issue still exists.

Tried several browsers on macOS, Safari 14, Chrome 85.0.4183.121, incognito/private and on iOS. 

University dropdownlist is "Loading…" without result.

Can't verify my student discount.


best chris.

Same issue in Windows pc with Chrome, even in incognito mode.
Same issue in iPhone with Safari, Safari in incognito mode, trie with Wi-Fi and with personal 4G connection.


Hi Spotify-Team,

So first I had tried everything, then I've found out:

wait on the page like 10 minutes, and it will work 😕

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