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Question of the Week - 2/4/2022


Question of the Week - 2/4/2022


Hi! hope all is well, I decided to give everyone a few choices with this so here we go. 

If you had the Ability to CHANGE / REMOVE or ADD features to Spotify Desktop/Mobile App, what would they be?  Please refrain from posting anything political thank you🙏 

My Answers


Imagine if Spotify added Music games to its platform. A game Idea I had in particular is called Audio Surf which is a track-style that visually mimic the music the player chooses. Players race across several lanes collecting colored blocks that appear in sync with the music. Would be great if you could compete with other Spotify players while making new friends in the process. It’s basically a listening party but twice the fun.


 play through video song ( joker and the thief)




Do you ever check your Profile wishing there’s some personal FEATURES/STATS? I went ahead and designed a quick template showing some ideas to Improve our Profiles as well as navigating the app separating ((((((Music))))))) and (((((Podcasts))))) I feel that we shouldn’t mix music and podcasts on the same screen “looks messy” 



I’m eager to receive your reply 


15 Replies

I could come up with a list of many things but I am limiting my post to the things that I could think of within 10 minutes of thinking.


The thing I currently want the most is HiFi... one day we should hopefully have that as it's already been announced




  • 2FA Account Security (link to idea)
  • Tabs in the desktop app for easier multitasking and browsing (link to idea)
  • Add more features that are only on mobile right now to the desktop app where it makes sense to (desktop app should be more advanced and shouldn't lag behind mobile app) (and also the same for the mobile app, there are some basic desktop only features that can now be done in the mobile app now that phones have become more advanced)
  • Full size album art in desktop app (link to idea)
  • Make our profiles more social: Pin favorite songs artists albums etc, link to approved social media websites like Twitter and Instagram, able to write our own bio
  • OLED Black theme in the app so the dark background would be pure black instead of dark grey and look good on an OLED phone screen and also a light mode to go with this for those that prefer a light mode (add a setting to change themes) (link to idea)
  • Ability to create and manage Playlist Folders in the mobile app (link to idea)




  • Albums & Playlists: Have BOTH Play & Shuffle buttons at the top (link to idea)
  • Ability to set a default Your Library filter on app startup in the mobile app (link to idea)
  • Ability to customize what shows up when you first open the app (link to idea)
  • Ability to customize the home page that shows suggestions (I would like only music displayed)
  • Restore Touch Preview in the mobile app (this only ever came to the iOS app and was then removed. It was never brought to the Android app like promised in the newsroom article, and the reason given for removal was that it wasn't used enough, but if Spotify would have kept their promise and brought it to the Android app and actually advertised it more, it would be a useful feature for many) (link to idea)
  • Increase the Group Session limit from 6 users to around 50 users or so (link to idea)
MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Woah Matt! These are some great ideas, realized I voted over half of these already. Your idea of having 50 people in a listening party and changing the background pure black would be great. I support you 100% on personalizing the Home Screen. Music is and should always be 1st PRIORITY, podcasts are overwhelmingly saturated on the Home Screen. Music for the Win. 

Great question, @StompingLlama!


I like the ideas that you and @MattSuda have shared; and here are some additional ideas that I think would be cool for Spotify to implement: 



  • Show a release’s year instead of remastered version’s year (Live Idea)
  • Allow Group Sessions to be joined from the desktop app (Live Idea)
  • Make "Liked Songs" playlist shareable (Live Idea)



  • A way to find out when you first listened to a song or album (Live Idea)
  • A way to find similar playlists to your own playlist (Live Idea)
  • An option to find public playlists that contain a song/artist (Live Idea)
  • A way to limit editing access in collaborative playlists (Live Idea)
  • A way for only selected playlist authors to be able to edit collaborative playlists (Live Idea
  • Your Fall Rewind, Your Winter Rewind, and Your Spring Rewind playlists in “Made For You” (Closed Idea)
  • A way to add a song directly to the right spot in a playlist on the mobile app, by holding down and dragging the song there from the Now Playing bar (Closed Idea)
  • An option to remove a song from all of your playlists (Closed Idea)



AdamDamSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

To be able to pull up the bands' "About" pages from the iphone App.  I



This should already be possible. In the Spotify iPhone or Android app, go to an artist page and then scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap on the box. After you tap on the box, it should take you to a page with the artist's photos and written bio.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Dużo fajnych pomysłów. 

Ja bym dodała weryfikację artystów. Zdarza się,  że ktoś nowy (np 2020r) nazwał się tak samo jak artysta ,który jest od powiedzmy 2012r na scenie, i ten nowy jest na Spotify z 4 numerami , przez co ten z większym dorobkiem nie może założyć konta (automatycznie podpinany jest pod istniejącego)  a wszystkie utwory, na których jest gościnnie,  są podpisane pod kogos innego , kto podebrał nazwę. 

I could list a few, but they would all apply to free users and that might not be relevant to others here.



If you are having trouble with your music getting mixed up with another artist you can read what Spotify suggests here:

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.



I recently discovered how to use folders on Spotify, and noticed on the mobile app that you cannot add images to folders. It makes my mobile app look very bland, as they are gray folders whilst my playlist images are very colorful. Hopefully this small chance can be added, as I really like the idea of being organized but adding color to my mobile spotify (and maybe even desktop as well when you select a folder, or allowing to change the background color.)

Hey thanks. I found it. I usually am only listening to the desktop so not a problem for me. But at least now I know how.

Stop funding Joe Rogan, before I stop funding Spotify.

Ooohhh good one! There are so many ideas on the Spotify Community already — personally I'd love to be able to connect with people in the area that have a similar music taste to yours. I don't think that's legally possible or going to happen, but still I'd think it'd be pretty cool; haha!
HuboSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

That's a good question and my friends constantly come up with what should be there in spotify. And now that I'm asked, my mind is completely blank. : )


I vouch for 2FA obviously, no-one wants to lose their (premium) account even temporarily to some random people messing up their stats and playlists.


I would like... tabs. Like, you're checking out different albums and playlists, it would make things quite a bit easier when the other couple of releases you checked out are handily available in their tabs.


All sorts of little statistics and additions would be fun to make our profiles more exciting to visit. Pin your favourite albums, write a little text (no links for reasons), stuff like that. : )

I think it would be super neat if Spotify stopped promoting drug dealers, and actually followed the rules they only enforce for some people. Oddly enough, this idea would fall under Change, Add, AND Remove.image.pnglarge.png

I'd like them to change the way they don't follow their own rules by removing artists and tracks that break those rules by adding a spine where there obviously isn't one presently... but we all know this won't happen, because of how it would look. You should all think about that for a few minutes.

Love this topic,

Here area few quick things that I think about quite:




  • Separate Artist and Song so they each have their own column (link to idea) (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)
  • Return the global search bar to the top of the window (link to idea) (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)

I sounds like a squeaky wheel but some of these changes just hurt my eyes!

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