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[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini


[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini







iPhone, PC

Operating System

iOS, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When going to to redeem my google home mini, after being a premium subscriber for years, I am greeted with "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment." 

I notice this seems to be an ongoing issue for US customers and also can't help but notice I never received an email advertising this promotion.  This seems like a huge attempt to grab new customers while shafting your existing ones pretending like it's an error or bug when it is simply just not part of your plan to accomodate existing customers.  Please provide a solution and not just links to the same redeem pages over and over which seemed to be all that was done for US customers.  

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what did you do to fix this? I'm still struggling here. How do I get a hold of anyone???


spotify1.JPGspotify.JPGI am a long time premium member and yet ineligible. I don't understand!!!







iPhone 8, 

Operating System

iOS 12.2


My Question or Issue

I've been a premium member for at least a year now. I pay $9.99 every month. Yet when I try to redeem this promotion I receive an "ineligble" error message. I cannot seem to find any solutions to this problem.. 


Hi there,


I signed up for spotify premium yesterday and still not have received an email with the google mini code. My friends all got theirs but me. Can you please let me know what the process is in receiving the code? 



i have the same problem and when i try to use your link i have this information


We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment.

Mine became available right away, but when I go into the email to redeem it stated the exact same thing about only allowing one to be ordered. I initially got through the first time but google was charging me the full price and no discount was applied at checkout....I cancelled that order....back to square one ☹️








Samsung Galaxy 9,



My Question or Issue

I signed up for the premium account yesterday at 11:50am.  Verified the account and when to sign up for the google mini offer. The page must have been overloaded because I got a gateway error timeout. I tried it later and received a message saying "Thank you so much...You already expressed interest in this offer." followed by a "check availability" button. when I click it, i receive a message saying "we're sorry, an unknown error has occurred, please try again later" OR a message saying "we're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment". 


I never received an email, and yes I've check my spam countless times. 



I specifically got the premium account for the google mini. My friends were able to get one hours after I signed up. 


Not cool! It's been more than 24 hours since I signed up. 


I ordered the google mini through the Spotify email and the promotion never got applied. I cancelled the order and then contacted google through their chat and they were able to add the promotion the second time around. Hope this helps!!







My Question or Issue  


Signed up for Premium earlier because of the free Google home mini offer, did not received and email and when I register in the link


I am getting following message ”thank you so much!
You've already successfully registered your interest in this offer
Check availability.” 


But when I click on Check availability - I get following message “We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment“


Obviously I'm not happy about this, as the free Google home mini is one of the main reasons I chose Spotify over its competitors. 

I am getting the same issue, is there an e-mail I can send to contact Spotify help? I don't see any e-mails addresses for support.


My Steps to reproduce:

1. Purchased spotify premium

2. Click on the link:

3. Click on "get started" or "get your google home mini"

4. Receive error message saying: "It looks like you’re not eligible for that offer, but we found more for you."


Why am I not elgible for this offer? I have paid for a full payment, non-trial, single use spotify plan


I am also unhappy because I've only signed up for spotify premium to get this special promotion.  But if I'm not able to get the special promotion I would not consider getting premium

I signed up for premium - cancelled a few years ago.

I clicked and showed interest but when I click on "check availability" I get this error:

We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment.


Yes the region is right.

Yes my account has other google based subs on it so the payment method thing is not the issue.

My coworker was able to do it AFTER me - but not me.

Any suggestions? Customer service seems a little overwhelmed today.

Did you get a fix for this? I am having the same issue.

i have same problem. what's the support email? thanks

Check what country is listed in your account profile

Any idea how long the check takes?

Hey guys


I've had EXACTLY the same issue. I thought it was due to my Google Chrome being logged in under a Google account that isn't linked to my spotify. But several days of emailing Spotify and calling Google have gotten me nowhere. I can't believe how bad sorrysp customer service is.


I've just lodged a complaint about the customer service which took another hour by chat. I'm going to highlight this issue to a few newspapers tomorrow as these free offers are being used to entice people when subscribers like us are being neglected.


Awaiting a response to my complaint now...




Good for you - it's been really frustrating and have just been sent from one organisation to the other both claiming it's not within their power to fix or issue a new promocode.  Still trying to get my subscription back from Spotify.  

Get on chat and escalate it as a formal complaint. Use Twitter to and
bombard them. They are lazy and careless in their customer service, they
don't check the file history and keep sending the same condescending roles.
It's infuriating.

You can see my Twitter complaints. I'm @jasperdeber

Good luck and keep us posted!

I have this problem since yestarday right after i sign up for Spotify Premium. I always love Spotify Free but the free google mini seal the deal.


But i cannot get the google mini due to this error


How to fix it?


Please help!

Hey I tried with another browser but I still get the error message. 


"We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment."

I'm experiencing the same issue. Please advise.

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