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[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini


[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini







iPhone, PC

Operating System

iOS, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When going to to redeem my google home mini, after being a premium subscriber for years, I am greeted with "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment." 

I notice this seems to be an ongoing issue for US customers and also can't help but notice I never received an email advertising this promotion.  This seems like a huge attempt to grab new customers while shafting your existing ones pretending like it's an error or bug when it is simply just not part of your plan to accomodate existing customers.  Please provide a solution and not just links to the same redeem pages over and over which seemed to be all that was done for US customers.  

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Screenshot 2019-05-01 15.18.21.pngSpotify, I'm a premium user (not student or family) and you're telling me I don't qualify for this offer. I'd like to apply for the mini speaker before the May 9th deadline. Please resolve.Screenshot 2019-05-01 15.18.09.png

Hello FMo2...

First, know that Spotify is not here. We are only users like you.

As metionned in the numerous pages before this one. The promotion ended
prematurely on April 17th. The Twitter and the Chat support cannot redeem
the promotion.

In other words. There's no more GHM available.

Thanks for the reply- and thanks to users like you who dedicate time to this!

Often, it's quite tedious to look through support issues and resolutions in this format.
Spotify could really benefit from investing in cleaner user support for its clients. Or, if they chose not to have direct help options for their users, their website should be more clear- like posting the offer ended when people are directed to the page.
Anyways, thanks again for your help!

They did that somehow.

Facing the same issue in Australia.  Became a premium member. Received my promo code and also was able to place the order for my FOC Google Home Mini. An hour later received an email that my order has been cancelled,  no reason provided.  Unable to reorder now. Have reported the matter to ACCC here. Spotify =SCAM

I dunno what happened in the land down under, but I betcha that some would
eventually call for a legal action over here as well...

Marked as solution

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


I just wanted to confirm what a few other users have already said in this thread: the offer in Canada ended early on 17 April.


Apologies for any confusion!


Take care 🙂

Also got totally **bleep** on this promo ive contacted customer svc over and over THEY DO NOT CARE AT ALL

The promotion does say until supplies last so technically Spotify didn't do anything wrong.   They should have mentioned on their website that it was over. That's the only thing they could have done better.

For anyone in Canada who tried to get thier Home Mini, but got the error that their coupon code had already been redeemed: You're SOL.


After days of communicating with Spotify via Twitter, and then by email, they told me too bad, so sad. My coupon had already been redeemed (not by me however, it would not work), and they won't help me any further. 

Sounds about right i was “ineligible” but yet theyhad me do a survey asking
about my google home so obviously i should have recieved one ##- Please
type your reply above this line -##

For those people that tried to redeem after supplies were out thats fine- i
was deemed “ineligible” by error admitted to by your employee but then when
it wasnt working they cited the promotion was over. My boyfriend subscribed
and redeemed after this. So i was lied to as well as being ineligible for
no reason and wasting 30 minutes troubleshooting with support##- Please
type your reply above this line -##

One thing to remember please...

There are NO SPOTIFY EMPLOYEE here. Just users.

Spotify employees can be reached by twitter or by chat

Exactly, we're all Spotify clients here, so we won't be speaking officially on behalf of Spotify.


Btw, my GHM arrived today, a little bit earlier than expected, 3-4 days earlier, the order was placed on April 15th.

Still bizarre that I ordered mine April 11th at around 9 in the morning & mine is scheduled to arrive May 15 - 16....

That's true, you've ordered your speaker before me and have a really long waiting time.

Which one did you picked, chalk our charcoal?

They go by batches.

Chalk or grey whatever it is 🐧

If you chose chalk that might be the reason of your speaker is taking a longer time to be delivered, when I chose the color I picked charcoal because chalk had a delivery time 3 or 4 weeks longer.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 11.16.10 PM.pngI see this "Register now" link when visiting "", but when I click on it, I'm redirected to and nothing happens.


Is anyone else having the same issue? Or is this really over for Canada?


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