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Double billed since 2018 - refund demanded

Double billed since 2018 - refund demanded






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We have just discovered that we have been paying twice for Spotify premium since October of 2018! We only discovered this when we contacted the help desk to ask why the auto-play settings were being ignored. They told us there are two accounts both sharing the same email address and one is linked to Facebook! We don't even use Facebook. We have emailed them and initially we got a response from Bryan saying they would take care of it. However all Spotify has done is close one of the accounts and they are ignoring the double payments. Having looked at the archives here I see we are not alone. We require all the instances of additional (double) payments to be repaid in full.

Spotify is well aware of this problem as it's been reported on multiple occasions by different customers. To ignore this is an indication that Spotify thinks it can get away with it.

Not happy with Spotify for allowing this situation to happen and then attempt to ignore this hoping it will go away! It won't


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Hi @nmcbennett,


Sorry to hear this has happened to you.


We understand your frustration, but we're unable to help you out in this situation here on the Community, as we simply don't have access to the necessary tools to look further into it. It's best you reach out to Customer Support directly - they're the folks who can provide you with more information on the matter.


Hope you get this sorted out. The Community is always here if something else comes up.


Take care.

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Hi Yordan,

I did reach out to the customer support. They acknowledge that I was being billed twice. Apparently I had two accounts under the same email address? I certainly would not have done that knowingly and I would expect any company to flag that up and prevent it from happening. Not Spotify though. I see from looking through this forum that it is actually a very common thing with them. I presume Spotify does everything it can to encourage double billing and has no intention of stopping it. They offered me two months refund, but this was going on for 4 years. One payment from my bank by direct debit and one from Paypal. The Paypal payment didn't show up as Spotify but just "Paypal" on my bank statements. Anyway they refuse to accept any responsibility and seem quite happy with the profits they have made. I will see what else I can do but obviously I have now cancelled my accounts and will open up a Qobuz account. I'm a musician and have a lot of friends that use Spotify. I will now be on a mission to encourage everyone to leave Spotify. Eventually this will cost them more than they stole from me!

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