Need a response - Family Premium problem


Need a response - Family Premium problem

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I have posted twice already with no response to my problem. After starting the Family Premium plan, my family members are not all able to use it, even after accepting the invitation. It is still showing that they are in the FREE subscription. I was billed on May 31 for Family Premium, but if it's not going to work, I want a refund. Also, it's really difficult to get ahold of the Spotify support team. I have had issues contacting you before, and I hope you will make this more of a priority in the future.

Thank you in advance for your response.
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Re: Need a response - Family Premium problem

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Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out and using Spotify!


Check your account and see if your subscription is active as it may be just an issue syncing with the Spotify App.


If it shows premium on your account, try re-installing the app on the devices you are having trouble with to see if it fixes it.


Otherwise please contact one of our live-chat support team members here


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