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There's no blue dot any more :(

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This is incredibly frustrating and quite ridiculous. iPhone 6, iOS 10 - playing last song in queue doesn't clear the queue, there is no blue dot.

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If you have an iPhone with the spotify app as well as an iPad then you can do this:
1.Make sure they are both on the same wifi network
2. Have the music playing on the iPad
3. Open spotify on the iPhone
- it should pop up and ask if you want to listen on this iPhone or continue listening on the iPad --> Select keep listening on the iPad
4. You should now be able to control the music playing on the iPad from the iPhone
5. Find the "Play Queue" icon in the top right (i think) of the iPhone app and go into the queue.
6. Here you can select and remove tracks from the queue and it will clear it on the iPad.
7. Bob's your uncle! A bit of a pain but ultimately useful :)

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Casual Listener

Utterly daft that the only way to clear a large queue on an iPhone is to launch the desktop Spotify. It worked for me though. Hope I'm not on a road trip and accidentally queue up a playlist.


I hate having to guess at everything w/this iOS interface.

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I can't even find the queue button since the update two days ago the top corner is blank. Can someone tell me if it's a bug in the release or how to fix it

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This is not solved.

On iOS, there is now way to view the play queue. In order to be able to play whatever I actually want to listen to – eg a playlist or radio – I had to swipe or skip through all the queued items.

I'm guessing this is a regression or due to an update, as I've never noticed it before and it's extremely frustrating! Note that the queued tracks were from a day or so ago on a different device.

Clear Queue facility - clears, then replaces queue with same songs as before...


Hi, I've got an annoying problem that I need help with please.


I listen to spotify a lot. Mostly through our Google Home device. When I ask it to 'Play some music on Spotify' she obliges. However, without fail it's the SAME number of songs every time. Given my large selection of playlists the Queue is always full of the same songs (on my desktop app - mac).


I've followed the advice of highlighting the whole queue, right clicking then removing songs from the queue. I then fast forward to the end of the last song, listen to the last few seconds before waiting to see the new queue appear..


It then fills it with the SAME SONGS as before!!! Really frustrating. Can you tell me how to influence the queue if we've not created one manually.



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Yeah, that kinda works. Still a very hacky solution, and giving the that this has been an issue for some time now based on the time stamps of other comments tells me that the Devs at Spotify are either:


1) Lazy

2) Too Jr Level that they don't know how to implement such a trivial feature

3) don't give a **bleep** about their software

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wow can't believe this is still not fixed, considering how many threads i found on it going back for years. this is untenable and doesn't jive with the way i like to listen to my music and arrange playlists on the fly. i feel bad cancelling because the service gives me access to tons of great music but i'd rather just purchase or rip them from CDs i own and use iTunes than deal with these hoops just to clear my queue and arrange a playlist while on the go.

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I am using iPad and this is how I did,

go to library at the bottom (three lines, one tilted). Then, at the top list there is tab for "playlist". Touch that. You get your personalized playlist. At the left bottom of that screen, you will find an up pointing arrow. Touch that and you get the whole list of the queued songs and albums. You can then touch ny of them to skip all ones that were above that list. To void the entire queued list, go to the last song and that will be the last of the queue.

Hope that works for you.