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Constant skipping and pausing


Constant skipping and pausing

I have an iphone 5. The app pauses and skips songs whenever I carry my phone around or put it in my pocket. Basically, songs pause and/or skips while the phone is in motion. Sometimes my voice control randamly appears, as well, but I'm not sure if this is corelated to the issues I'm having with Spotify. Although, it only happens when the app is running. AND, just recently, I would close the app but music would start playing whenever I open another app while Spotify is closed. It sounds like either my phone is going haywire or there are some serious bugs in the recent updates. 


Also, I've noticed that these issues all started for me when the new "running" feature was launched.


Please help.

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Have spotify found a fix for this yet? It's incredibly annoying

The issue is not on Spotify I don’t believe so I don’t think they have.

iphone 7plus. Whelp. I'm taking a road trip to nola and I need my premium spotify to survive the drive! 


Get the new adapter

But it also happens on my Mac 

I think you should try reinstalling Spotify.

  • IPhone 6, iOS 11.0.3
  • Happening to me too - skipping through songs, playing when closed, opening voice control. I got my phone replaced today by apple and despite this it is STILL happening on a brand new device, can you please provide a solution?

The problem is not spotify but the earphones...i tried using different ones and it worked perfectly 

Thank you all in the end i got new wireless headphones and have not had any issues since

I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 11.0.3 .  I deleted Spotify two days ago and re-installed it.


I'm still having the same problem...the music skips when I'm listening to it via Bluetooth in a vehicle.  I don't use Siri at all, and while it happens when I'm using a headset and walking, it also happens in the car when I'm listening to it over its audio system (2014 MB ML350; 2014 Nissan Altima).


When I use it in the Altima it won't play at all via Bluetooth, even though the screen shows it's playing, and indicates the correct artist and song.  If I use a cable/plug it in to the USB connection, eventually I can get it to play.  If I connect my wife's iPhone 7+  via Bluetooth hers plays perfectly.


I'm using Spotify Premium, which I love, but this is really annoying. 

Again, I have an iPhone 6 with I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 11.0.3; I have 18 playlists, and am using the most current version of Spotify, 8.4.25 .

I've been dealing with this problem forever and it's driving me mad. When I run or work out, the skipping starts up, ruining my workout. It's one of four variables and I've been trying to narrow down to which.


  1. The music app (spotify, itunes, etc)
  2. The headphones
  3. The headphone connection (aux or iphone lightning jack)
  4. The phone itself


I've cut out 1 and 4. I got a new iphone 6 after mine was stolen. Same problem. I also tried replicating the problem while listening to music on my phone via Itunes and same problem. So it's either the headphones, or the connection.


My replacement headphones came with earbuds that connect via the lightning jack. I never have a problem with them. Unfortunately, this doesn't narrow down whether the problem is with my headphones or my headphone connection. I'll be getting a new pair of aux running headphones. If they start acting up, I know the problem is the aux connection. If not, my **bleep**ty headphones.


I have a bad feeling it's going to be the connection to the aux port. Apple is trying hard to make people go wireless (clearly) or use their lightning port....and forced obsolescence is a real thing.


Has anyone had this problem with an Android phone? And can people weigh in on what headphones they were using when the problem occurred?

Has anyone ever checked to see if a desktop app for the same account is open? 

I cant even get it to play through my Denton AVR fro iPhone.  I press play and it immediately pauses.  Play pause play pause play pause play pause.  It’s bull**bleep**. 

hey spotify, i have the same issue, i have re installed the app and I’m a paying customer. it happens with or without headphones. i have an iphone 6s+, my phone is on 11.1.2, my spotify version is and my username is evansmasha, it always happens when i move my phone of get a notification. please fix this as soon as possible. thanks 

Wow, such a relief to understand that I’m not causing the problem. I have the same issue that others described. I have an iPhone 6 , version 11.1.2, my spotify version is Whenever I’m using head phones and moving around the app skips 10 seconds of the song, starts Siri or voice control (turned them off in Settings, didn’t help) stops and does weird noises. Re-installing the app didn’t work. Neither changing head phones. Come on Spotify, make my day, okay? 

I have found that multiple devices will cause errors like “pause play pause play” and random disconnects. 

Having the browser open to Spotify, the Mac desktop (probably windows app too) and another iOS/ Android device all with an instance of the app open... causes it to go ba+shi+ and fail.  


Becauee Spotify is really, really concerned about you using that precious stream on more than one device at once... the money stream, I mean the music stream, is interrupted when another device makes a request.  

As we all know, it only needs to work good enough to make money. So if the browser version has some sort of keep-alive script, or the desktop apps code is crappy, it’s because Spotify doesn’t care enough to fix it because they already got your money. It worked just good enough to make money.  

This is the rule with tech products in the consumer ecosphere. By all means beach all you want.  They see the thread with thousands of posts yet the problem persists.... 




Hi guys,


I've been researching this and trying different variables for months. Long story short: I'm nearly certain the problem is not with Spotify, and I'm almost certain the problem is with the aux port on your Iphone. I think almost everyone in this thread is using an iphone. I myself am using an Iphone 6.


I've replaced my Iphone 6 in the last month with a new I6, and the problem remained. So it isn't the aux port hardware itself. I have tried different pairs of headphones and the problem remained. So it isn't the headphones themselves.


The only time the problem went away was when I either used Iphone Lightining jack earbuds, or an aux-to-lightning adapter with my aux running headphones. When I do either of these things, I can run or weight lift to my heart's content without the  ""skip pause pause skip open siri skip skip"" thing happening.

It's the Iphone. It's not the aux port hardware either - it's the software. Apple wants people to jump onto the bandwagon of lightning or bluetooth, plain and simple. Sorry but I don't think there's a solution here. Planned obsolescence is hard to fight.

I have this problem using bluetooth in vehicles or with a headset. I'm not
using the jack.


That's pretty wild. I thought I had it, and I've never had a problem over bluetooth.

Do you have an iphone? Does it only happen with spotify or when you play music on your phone's itunes/stored music as well?

I have an iPhone 6 with the iOS 11.1 operating system and the Spotify version. When I play music from the Spotify app, it constantly pauses the song, skips the song or fast forward in the song. Siri also randomly turns on, but only when playing music on Spotify, and I have literally no control over any of it. I have tried reinstalling the app but that didn’t work, sooo any solutions?

I have an iPhone 6s and am running on IOS 11.2. My Spotify version is My phone keeps skipping or pausing whenever I put my phone in my pocket it seems but it doesn’t seem to be a certain position that skips it. I just deleted a bunch of playlists so I only have 1 as of right now. Thanks for your help. 

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