Constant skipping and pausing


Constant skipping and pausing

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I have an iphone 5. The app pauses and skips songs whenever I carry my phone around or put it in my pocket. Basically, songs pause and/or skips while the phone is in motion. Sometimes my voice control randamly appears, as well, but I'm not sure if this is corelated to the issues I'm having with Spotify. Although, it only happens when the app is running. AND, just recently, I would close the app but music would start playing whenever I open another app while Spotify is closed. It sounds like either my phone is going haywire or there are some serious bugs in the recent updates. 


Also, I've noticed that these issues all started for me when the new "running" feature was launched.


Please help.


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Hi there, welcome to the Spotify Community! 


Let's try to troubleshoot this issue with you. 


First of all, please try a clean reinstallation. This can resolve many common issues. 


If you're still having trouble after a reinstall, please let us know the following details:

1. Exact Device (e.g. iPhone 5S)

2. Exact operating system (e.g. iOS 8.3)

3. Spotify app version installed (2.2.0)

4. What are you doing when the app skips/ stops/ crashes? Is it when it opens? When scrolling through tracks? When searching? 

5. About how many playlists do you have?


If you could get back to us with those details it would be great. Thanks!

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I solved my problem. The issue was with my earphones.  I used the standard apple earbuds that come with the phone. I had this set for a year or more.  The issue was in the white piece on the earphone that has the buttons for volume control and pause. Sorry, not sure what the part of the earphone is called.


Anyway, I read that that may have been the cause of my problem. So I tried someone elses earphones and they worked fine. I bought new earphones yesterday and the guy at Best Buy told me its a common problem with apple earphones.


So new earphones may solve your issue. Hope this helps

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For me this was a problem with iOS rather than Spotify. 


In “Settings / Display & Brightness” there is an option called “Raise to wake”. The purpose of this is to turn the screen on when you pick up the phone. However, I found the phone was misreading the motion of me walking and was waking in my pocket and displaying the lock screen controls for Spotify. My pocket was pressing pause / forward / backward buttons.


turn raise to wake off. Simple. 


Has anyone found a solution to this? I've re-installed the app, and updated to the latest iOS, but the issue persists! Aggghhh!


Try changing the lightning to aux adapter, clear the lightning port or turn off Siri. I did the 2 latter things, and that worked for me. Still using the same adapter.


I'm having this problem on my new pixel 2.. seems to only happen (for me) with the dongle attachment plugged to my external speakers when I work out. Haven't had an issue on Bluetooth with mine yet. Didn't have this problem with my old phone and it's standard aux plug. I'm wondering if something about the way the phones OS detects for the external speaker connection is stuttering and causing Spotify to think it was unplugged which is meant to pause spotify.. when Bluetooth disconnects, Spotify also pauses. Maybe a similar mechanism. One thing Im quite sure about is that this is a software issue, not hardware as many have suggested.


I have the same problem on my iphone 7, iOS 11.4. and the previous one. It changes the songs and start the app without me doing nothing. This happens while walking with my headphones. Strange it happens also with iTunes. 

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New earphones solved the problem for me.

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Hey, clean the opening for the charging you phone. It worked for me to clean it with a toothpick

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I've been having the same issue for the last few weeks. I returned my earphones and got new ones thinking that earphones are the problem, but apparently not. I'm having the same problem with the new earphones and another pair with controls. I wonder if it's related to the lightning jack adapter?

1. Exact Device: iPhone 7

2. Exact operating system: iOS 11.3.1

3. Spotify app version installed:

4. What are you doing when the app skips/ stops/ crashes? Is it when it opens? When scrolling through tracks? When searching? 

Moving around with the phone in my pocket or hand.

5. About how many playlists do you have?


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solved this issue by changing my lightning headphone jack adapter. Apparently, my adapter was the problem, not Spotify or my phone or earphones.


Hi also have the same problemmmm! I thought there was a problem with my phone... ah thanks for shearing

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After months of not hearing back from Spotify, I finally worked out that the issue I was experiencing was my headphones. I’m not sure if this will help everyone if their headphones aren’t the issue but thought I’d share it in case it helps a few people. 


Just on principle I feel like I should unsubscribe to premium and join Apple Music instead for the shite service Spotify gives. 


1. Exact Device:  iPhone 7 
2. Exact operating system: iOS 11.3
3. Spotify app version installed:
4. What are you doing when the app skips/ stops/ crashes? It happens mainly when I have my headphones in and I’m holding my phone when walking around. I use the apple headphones that came with the phone. I’m a premium user and this never used to happen

5. About how many playlists do you have? 5


1. Exact Device - IPhone X 
2. Exact operating system - 11.2.5 
3. Spotify app version installed -
4. Nothing. Put into my pocket & it will start skipping/pausing. Sometimes while using other apps, it will keep skipping & pausing as well. My volume will automatic go to the full blast when music starts playing. 
5. I have 30 playlists. 


Please help me solve this. Thanks. 

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I'm having similar issues.  It doesn't skip when listening to iHeart radio, even when I jiggle my lightning jack.  However, once I listen to Spotify, it's all messed up.  So I'm ruling out headphones and iPhone issue.  Tried playing iTunes, which was better but need to do more research on that.  Hope it get's fixed soon. 


iPhone 7

iPhone Version 11.2.2 (15C202)

Spotify Version

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Just went to apple store.  Cleaned out some lint from phone, did some audio diagnostics but the mic control still wasn't reponsive while using the spotify app after the fact. Works on itunes and Iheart radio just fine.  So I'm suspecting it must be a spotify issue. 


I also updated iPhone to 11.2.5 (15D60) over the weekend. 


I have an Iphone 7, ios v 11.1. Spotify app v


App randomly skips to next track. Also, randomly starts playing someone elses crappy playlist that I've never (voluntarily) listened to myself. It's always the same playlist, and this has happened multiple times.


Happens when I'm listening using bluetooth headphones, bluetooth speakers, and sometimes when I'm not using Spotify at all!


So I posted this a little while ago:

I've been researching this and trying different variables for months. Long story short: I'm nearly certain the problem is not with Spotify, and I'm almost certain the problem is with the aux port on your Iphone. I think almost everyone in this thread is using an iphone. I myself am using an Iphone 6.


I've replaced my Iphone 6 in the last month with a new I6, and the problem remained. So it isn't the aux port hardware itself. I have tried different pairs of headphones and the problem remained. So it isn't the headphones themselves.


The only time the problem went away was when I either used Iphone Lightining jack earbuds, or an aux-to-lightning adapter with my aux running headphones. When I do either of these things, I can run or weight lift to my heart's content without the  ""skip pause pause skip open siri skip skip"" thing happening.

It's the Iphone. It's not the aux port hardware either - it's the software. Apple wants people to jump onto the bandwagon of lightning or bluetooth, plain and simple. Sorry but I don't think there's a solution here. Planned obsolescence is hard to fight.

And it turns out some people are having problems outside the bounds of my troubleshooting - on Android, over bluetooth, etc. I think it's possible there are multiple issues though. The ""skip pause skip open siri skip skip"" thing is definitely one issue. And it seems to happen exclusively on Iphones with people plugged into aux. I still think that - despite my frustration with Apple for possibly forcing this via software - switching to lightning headphones or a lightning adaptor will solve this. It has for me. I've had a dozen runs and gym workouts with no problems since switching to their frackin' lightning adaptor. For instance, @dhylander's problem of Spotify random playing someone else's playlist sounds potentially unrelated. Like maybe his Spotify is linked to an Alexa, or is on some other computer, and someone's using it. That happened to me.


Anyway, don't throw out the mediocre and obnoxious fix of switching to Apple's lightning adaptor if the "skip pause 'open siri' skip pause' thing is happening to you whenever you walk around with your phone. It seems to be the fabric rubbing to phone static that causes it.

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I have this issue too and I have an Android...


Wow, such a relief to understand that I’m not causing the problem. I have the same issue that others described. I have an iPhone 6 , version 11.1.2, my spotify version is Whenever I’m using head phones and moving around the app skips 10 seconds of the song, starts Siri or voice control (turned them off in Settings, didn’t help) stops and does weird noises. Re-installing the app didn’t work. Neither changing head phones. Come on Spotify, make my day, okay? 

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I have found that multiple devices will cause errors like “pause play pause play” and random disconnects. 

Having the browser open to Spotify, the Mac desktop (probably windows app too) and another iOS/ Android device all with an instance of the app open... causes it to go ba+shi+ and fail.  


Becauee Spotify is really, really concerned about you using that precious stream on more than one device at once... the money stream, I mean the music stream, is interrupted when another device makes a request.  

As we all know, it only needs to work good enough to make money. So if the browser version has some sort of keep-alive script, or the desktop apps code is crappy, it’s because Spotify doesn’t care enough to fix it because they already got your money. It worked just good enough to make money.  

This is the rule with tech products in the consumer ecosphere. By all means beach all you want.  They see the thread with thousands of posts yet the problem persists....