Constant skipping and pausing


Constant skipping and pausing

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I have an iphone 5. The app pauses and skips songs whenever I carry my phone around or put it in my pocket. Basically, songs pause and/or skips while the phone is in motion. Sometimes my voice control randamly appears, as well, but I'm not sure if this is corelated to the issues I'm having with Spotify. Although, it only happens when the app is running. AND, just recently, I would close the app but music would start playing whenever I open another app while Spotify is closed. It sounds like either my phone is going haywire or there are some serious bugs in the recent updates. 


Also, I've noticed that these issues all started for me when the new "running" feature was launched.


Please help.


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Hi there, welcome to the Spotify Community! 


Let's try to troubleshoot this issue with you. 


First of all, please try a clean reinstallation. This can resolve many common issues. 


If you're still having trouble after a reinstall, please let us know the following details:

1. Exact Device (e.g. iPhone 5S)

2. Exact operating system (e.g. iOS 8.3)

3. Spotify app version installed (2.2.0)

4. What are you doing when the app skips/ stops/ crashes? Is it when it opens? When scrolling through tracks? When searching? 

5. About how many playlists do you have?


If you could get back to us with those details it would be great. Thanks!

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I solved my problem. The issue was with my earphones.  I used the standard apple earbuds that come with the phone. I had this set for a year or more.  The issue was in the white piece on the earphone that has the buttons for volume control and pause. Sorry, not sure what the part of the earphone is called.


Anyway, I read that that may have been the cause of my problem. So I tried someone elses earphones and they worked fine. I bought new earphones yesterday and the guy at Best Buy told me its a common problem with apple earphones.


So new earphones may solve your issue. Hope this helps

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I am having this issue and nothing I've tried (including deleting the app and redownloading, updating the software, soft reset of the device, checking the settings etc.) has not worked. The same issue has presented itself on my iPhone 5s and my current model iPod touch- which leads me to believe it's an interaction issue between the iOS operating system and Spotify rather than the device being faulty.

It's frustrating because it's a service I'm paying for and really like - but I'll probably need to cancel my account if it continues too much longer

This still happens to me, but only when I have my earphones on. I've bought multiple earphones to check if the problem is just my previous earphones but it happened on the other earphones that I have. It also activates voice control, it used to activate siri but i disabled it. I just really back out of voice control and try to play the song i want and just give up and unplug the earphones once it keeps on pausing and whatever
I'm using an iphone 6, ios 10.2 spotify version

IPhone 6
iOS 10.1.1
Verizon 6.8.0
I have 0 playlist and when it happens I just either close voice control or just unplug the headphones is it my phone or the app please get back to me

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I'm having this issue. I've only noticed it in the last day. And tested by shaking my phone to cause it to pause.
Samsung galaxy s7.
Android 6.0.1
Last night I was streaming over Chromecast and with my phone no where near me, songs started skipping. Today it was randomly pausing in the office so I signed out on all devices to be sure I wasn't being trolled. Also did a clean install. Still pauses If I shake or toss my phone.
I've probably got 100+ playlists.


Mines like it too! It was fine last week nkw it’s like this... keep pausing then unpausing.. constantly Siri keeps popping up.. its only in my earphones tho..when it pauses it makes that noise it makes when u pause it from the button on the earphones...also the song keeps skipping 15 seconds and doesn’t stop..  I pay for premium and I’ve been using Spotify for over a year and it hasn’t done this before.. I use it everyday pls help

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Mine stopped by switching headphones, which is sad bc I've used the apple
ones forever and they have really good sound quality, but that fixed my
issue for now.

I'm experiencing the same problems as all the above. I have :
Samsung galaxy S6
Android G920TUVU1AOC9
I have about 20 odd playlists or therabouts.

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I use sotify all the time  on my phone and this is really anoying it only happens when my phone is moving and i have it in my pocket and walks it will pause, skip songs and skip a little bit of the from PLEASE HELP I WILL DIE IF I CANT FIX THIS


Try this one: 

Settings=> Display & Brigthness => disable the Raise to Wake 


Seems to work for me. 



EDIT: didn't fix the issue after all. THis is getting really annoying and I'll switch to the free version soon if this is not fixed. I don't want to pay for a service that doesn't work.


I have an iPhone 6s, iOS 10.1.1 and Spotify version I recently uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify and turned on Siri, but turned it off on the lock screen. This didn't help the issue, it will still randomly turn on Siri or pause the music. Now when I am browsing my email while listening to music it will randomly bring up Siri and on the lock screen. It will also start scrubbing through the song at 10sec intervals and won't stop unless I restart the app. I have also restarted my phone.


Same problem here. Really annoying. Could it have something to do with using headphones with built in controls in them? Like volume dials or other sorts of buttons on the actual headphones? 

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I think that may have solved it.


Thank you!

Hi there did reinstalling the app solve the problem as I have the same issue