Local files wont appear on Iphone


Can't see local songs on iphone





iPhone 7 Plus

Operating System

Windows 10


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I can't see my local files in a playlist on my phone. It just shows up as an empty playlist on my phone but on my pc I can see all of the songs. I have premium, I have tried using a hotspot connection (since my pc does not have wifi), I have tried disabling my firewall. I can't see any of the songs in my playlist.

Uploaded songs to Desktop App not syncing on iPhone


Plan: Premium

Country: AU


Device & Operating System

iPhone XS Max ( 13.3) and MacBook Pro 2018 (Version 10.15.2)



My Question or Issue


I've uploaded a few songs to my Local playlist on my Desktop app and have added them to a playlist, have tried logging onto the same WIFI on both my phone and Mac and using the hotspot on my iPhone but the uploaded songs don't appear on the playlist on my phone.  Help please! 



Re: Local files wont appear on Iphone


Hey @xxyums,


So close! No worries, we'll keep at it 🙂


If you're still having trouble getting those local files to become playable on your iOS device, could you try a clean reinstall of the app using the relevant steps for your device in this Spotify Answer?


If that doesn't work, could you try the following:

  • Open the Local Files folder in the Spotify directory on your computer and remove all files contained in that folder
  • Perform a clean reinstall as per the instructions in the Spotify Answer I linked to
  • Open the desktop app and choose the folder containing the original local files as a source from Settings
  • Go to the mobile app and see if your local files are now appearing as expected?

Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need any further help.

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Re: Local files wont appear on Iphone


If the status is "waiting to download" then it's most likely an issue with your network configuration - your devices can't "see" or communicate with each other.

The most fool proof method that I've found is to create a hotspot connection with your phone and connect your computer to it and then try to sync your local files.

How to (RE)sync local files from PC/MAC to iPhone.

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If a song from your local computer files was previously synced to your phone but has either greyed out or disappeared, then this should help you because it worked for me...


In my case, I had previously downloaded the songs to my phone but eventually, when I tapped on the song, it wouldn't play and disappeared or was greyed out from the playlist on my phone.


So what I did to fix it was remove the download from all the playlists on my phone and then redownloaded them while my phone was plugged into my computer. After redownloading, the songs would play.


BTW When you remove the song from your phone it'll look as though it disappeared from the playlist even though it shows up on your computer. So you have to make sure your phone is plugged into your computer when redownloading the song.


This method may work for Andriod users, but I have not tested this.


Re: How to (RE)sync local files from PC/MAC to iPhone.


Having or not having the phone plugged into the computer doesn't matter. The whole communication between the phone and computer takes place over wifi. 

Re: Local files wont appear on Iphone

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It worked! Wow! Finally!! Thanks for your help, Peter! Have a great day!

local files

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ive just upgraded my iPhone from a 6s to 11 pro


i did the set up last night and my Spotify app downloaded fine.

The issue I have is that the local files which played fine on my 6s are not playing on the new phone.


The files are showing in the playlists and look like they are downloaded but don’t play. They also say artist unknown. Do I have to download these local files again onto the new phone or is there an easy workaround?

thank you 




Re: local files


Regarding the "unknown artist" issue please post in this thread to get the attention of the mods:


Regarding the first issue, yes, you have to sync them to your phone from a computer again. Support article can be found here: 

Re: local files

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Thank you so much!


I’ve  just downloaded a new local files playlist from my Mac to my iPhone and downloaded it on there. 
It’s not playing on the new phone however even though the playlist is there and each track looks like it’s downloaded.


I have still got my old iPhone and bizarrely this new local files playlist has appeared on my old iPhone and is playing as we speak. Any ideas on what else I should do?


Thank you so much