Touch Preview on iOS removal


Touch Preview on iOS removal


Hey folks, Spotify here!


Just a quick post to let you know we’re in the process of removing Touch Preview, the feature on the iOS app that gives you a sneak peek of a playlist, song, album, or artist before you hit play.


We’ve taken this decision as it currently has a very low engagement rate. We’re committed to offering the best experience on each platform, and we’re actively looking into new possibilities for the long press feature.


The change will take effect with app version 8.4.15, which goes live in the App Store today.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on what long press feature you’d like to see added. Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback!


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If you would like to see Touch Preview come back, you can add your vote to this idea:

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If you would like to see Touch Preview come back, you can add your vote to this idea:

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First, I came back from my summer holidays realising that you guys at Spotify had removed the app from the Logitech UE smart radio, which I have three of.

I was so dissapointed, and was thinking of going back to Tidal, which still has a Logitech app, or maybe try Apple music.


Because of the touch preview however, I decided to stay loyal to Spotify, since this was the best tool to ever feature in a music app.

Now this is gone as well, and I see no reason staying with Spotify any more if this is how it’s going to be.

I’m going to change to one of the other two before-mentioned if you’re not bringing this back, if not, at least give us a valid reason why you removed it, not some BS about noone uses it, you know now that’s a lie.


So what’s it gonna be Spotify?

The ball’s in your court!


Supremely disappointed that this feature was removed. Even more disappointed that it hasn't made its way back after all the comments and requests for restoring it. Please bring this back.


Done with spotify fk their team they can put my subscribtion in their **bleep**. Going to Apple music Because atleast they do know How to listen to their costumers. Removing features with such a dumb reason isnt worth having my money.

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I am extremely disappointed in the removal of this feature. what exactly are you gaining by removing it when so many people want it back?


It was the number one thing that set Spotify apart from the other music services. I discovered all of my music with this feature which I can no longer do. 


You will be losing a LOT of paying customers like myself because of this. BRING IT BACK! Or at least give us the option of turning it on and off. 


I will I’ll be moving to another service if it does not come back.

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Hey spotify? Why didn't you put this in the update description in App Store? Seems to me that this big a change really is a downgrade and it should have been announced beforehand because we're paying for this.
Maybe Apple has something to say on the matter...


Very bad and pointless removal! I recon the reason usage was low was as nobody knew the feature was there, I discovered it and used it daily afterwards.

I’ve assumed that my phone was at fault during the iOS Beta but have just realised it’s actually removed after scouring the forums. Frankly, the removal is pointless and annoying, why remove something useful for some people with no gain?


Same here. Canceling subscription soon and going back to Google music.


Spofify is awful company with no real support, they don`t care about customers, crappy slow app on windows/ios/android and now this silence and lies... It`s clearly about recent deal, not because people didn`t use this feature....

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Im tired of begging for features, not to mention removed features. When a feature is clearly usefull and you remove it this is a big FU coming from Spotify. So my FU to you is im canceling my subscription. Im done with you. Its been weeks and you havent brought it back. What is wrong with you? 


Bring back touch preview make it better!!!! I’m pissed 


Hi, I would very much like to have this function back on iOS. I venture to say that I paid the Premium plan only because of this function, since there are competing services that do not deduct my cellular data. That was Spotify's big differential.

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What an awful decision, even if it does have “low” engagement... (how low is low with 30 million users by the way?...)  you shouldn’t just complete remove it for the ones that get the use out of it. I hope you roll back on this decision and build it back into the app, even if it’s a feature you can turn on/off on settings.


"We’ve taken this decision as it currently has a very a low engagement rate. We’re committed to offering the best experience on each platform,". 

 We the users do not care about your "low engagement rate".  If you were commited to, "offereing the best experience..." Then why did your remove it?

Those two statements are Completely conflicting, and your decision to remove it IS  counter intuitive, knee j*rk and stupid.  Were you losing subscribers or money with the feature?  No.  Then why frustrate the people using it?  I bet  your "low engagement rate" comes from many users not knowing it existed.  It is now AGAIN a CHORE to preview and discover new music using your app.

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I was honestly shocked and confused when I wanted to preview a song and nothing happened. I am very disappointed that Spotify let go of this feature for whichever reason they claim. Touch Preview might seem like a small and simple feature for the app but it is and was bigger than that. It gave the user a sense and feel of what the song and without having to stream it all the way. It also allowed a sense of connection with the app itself at least for iOS users. I dont think iOS users should have been taken away this feature only because android users did not have it. iOS is all about 3-D touch after all. I really hope Spotify decides to return this touch preview because it seems like they are taking away all of the features that set them apart from all the other streaming devices. 

ash maldonado

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Please bring touch preview back! How am u supposed to find new music on Spotify if I can’t even hear the preview of it before deciding to add it to a playlist? It might not have been used by very many users, but it was really handy especially for me. Bring it back! I was devastated when I updated and saw that the feature was removed !

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That was a huge part of my listening experience with Spotify, and it has frustrated me extremely that it has been removed. It feels like Spotify does not care about their users’ experiences, which is horrible with huge competitors like Apple. 

I mean, I’m Googling this past midnight to see if I can go back before this update since I hate this so much. You’ve disappointed me, Spotify. 

Will Spotify bring this feature back? 


Don’t you love it when a big company just can’t listen to their fan base that keeps them in business? Just started my free 3 month Apple Music trial. I’m surely going to Apple Music if this isn’t added back. Such a small feature, tat was so popular has just been removed out of nowhere. No feature to replace it either? HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? Keep not responding to us, I love seeing people switch to Apple Music because you guys don’t know how to reply to your customers. 

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Disappointing to say the least! 


The App updates should be more verbose when making major changes like this one, a major differentiator of your app.  


Personally, I use it to find music without filling up my recent playlists and to add music to a queue quickly.  I also use it to add songs to a playlist while listening to another randomly queued list.  If I cannot preview the song then I must click to listen totally screwing up my queue.  The short samples were supremely handy!


If this doesn't return I hope you have a much better differentiator for your program.  Switching apps is not that big a deal.


I’ve just been long pressing on loads of songs for ages and ages and couldn’t get the Touch Preview feature to work.


This explains it. But why should I go trawling through the Spotify forums to find this out? Why couldn’t it be announced properly that you had removed it (unpopularly I might add) instead of me thinking I had a technical problem with my phone?


I used this feature all the time! I don't think enough people knew about it because it's truly convenient. I would really like to see this come back 


I really love this feature and I’m super sad that I can’t have it anymore. Because it would prevent random albums popping up on my recently listened to and I can pick music so easily. Maybe as a suggestion if you bring it back (pretty please??) that you have a tutorial update for how to use these kinds of hidden feautures because it truely is my favorite tool in spotify. :)))))) Please bring it back Spotify isn’t the same without it.  - Very sad Megan