Finding Linked Family Account


Finding Linked Family Account

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Hey there, so apparently on my mobile I was logged into an account that got binded to the family plan that I'm in, however for some reason it had a number/ letter username ( which because I was confused if this was just linked to my actual account didn't screenshot) and due to trying to figure out why on my PC my spotify account wasn't showing premium while my phone was, I happened to log out of this account. As it turned out I suppose, it turned out that this was a different account entirely (which I suppose must have happened during the invite stage of the plan even though i was logged into my normal account throughout the process) and due to this i have no way of finding this account again. It isn't binded to my facebook account either. 

Is there any way to find this account/ account name using the master control account / owner of the family plan, or has this account just been completely lost and I have to rebind another account (preferebly my orginal) to this plan? 

And if I have to rebind another account, is there some way for me to find my playlist (either the downloaded playlist on my phone (which i cannot access)) and recover it.

Another interesting part of this is that I did all the family plan stuff ON MY PC, and from memory only just logged in on my phone with my normal details. (the account that I'm logging into now doesn't have the playlist I made with premium)

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Hi there!

Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble logging into your account. Do you happen to remember the email address you have used when signing up? Can you try logging in using the email address?


I’d also recommend checking out this Spotify Answer in case you forgot your credentials.


About your question in recovering your downloaded songs, it is not possible to access those songs using a different account. You may want to redownload those songs to play them in a different or new account.

Let us know how you get on!

Re: Finding Linked Family Account

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The problem is that the email address I thought I used is logging me into another account, rather than the one I was logged into initially, and this one does not have spotify premium on it (ie not linked to the family account). I was potentially looking for some way of finding EVEN the username / email from the family main account if possible, even if it means maybe going to spotify support as i had finally commited to creating a playlist and don't remember the songs that were on there to create it again (and this second account that im logging into has really strange and different recommendations)

Re: Finding Linked Family Account


Hey there @AmorphousBlob,


Thanks for getting back in touch!


There's a handy Spotify Answer about locating additional accounts that you may have with us here.


Since you mention that you accessed in your mobile the account that you accepted the Premium for Family invitation from, we'd recommend checking step 3 on that Answer. This way, you can use information stored in your device to locate your Premium account.


Let us know how things go! We'll be happy to help further.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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