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How can I tell someone deleted his profile/account?

How can I tell someone deleted his profile/account?





iOS (iPhone 6S,Macbook Pro)

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I follow only one person (he follows me back), but from yesterday night I can't see his profile. I mean, there is still that '1 mark' as I follow him, but when I would open it, there is just black screen. It is kinda same with his profile. Although on mobile I could see him, and there was written 0 followers, 0 following, meanwhile he has been followed by a few of his friends too. 

How should it really look like if someone deleted an account? Like how other users could recognize it clearly? 

It is frustrating. Really. 

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Hey @brainysmurf, thanks for writing!


In case the person you're following has indeed closed their Spotify account, you'll notice some changes on their profile, but you'll still be able to view it on the app. However, the account will become anonymized and thoroughly deleted from our end after 7 days of the initial process.


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂

Thank you for the replying! 🙂 

Have an amazing day too! 

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