Bug in sharing links

Bug in sharing links

My friends (even I) can't open some of my shared Spotify links on social media sent from my android phone. They don't load up in my Spotify app. This particular issue happens only when I share the links with 'searched' artists /songs. I can successfully play and share other links eg artist page, my playlists.
I hope the developers can solve this minor problem.
Wicked Game by Chris Isaak
Playable link

Non playable link
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Tested for whatsapp to be precise

I'm having the same issue. The app opens but it doesn't load the song. It seems like no one answered this in two weeks.

I am having the same problem... Mostly whatsapp, except people I send to seem to manage ok... Just me who open not deep enough links. I'm pretty sure it worked only a month or two ago, no wonder if something went wrong android side... I have android 6.0.1


Sorry for the long wait, but I've probably found a solution to your problem. You're sharing a link, right? Try removing the part of the link coming after the ? (including the ? symbol).
becomes this: (used two O's in the website URL, since otherwise it wouldn't be visible)

Let me know if this solved your issue! 🙂

My main problem seems to receiving links...through whatsapp, people send
from their mobile spotify app a share through whatsapp. I click on it and
it just takes me back to spotify...whatever i was listening to
app, but not to the song that was sent to me.

You can try copypasting the link you received, and removing the last part, as mentioned in the previous post, into the Google app or any browser of your choice. Tell me if this finally works!

Doesn't work. It says the site cannot be reached when I click on my friend's links. Removing the question mark doesn't do anything either.

I have a similar problem. Since a time back is not possible to play the links friends send to me on kik. This have worked without any issues in the past. If click the link I get spotify window with the song info and the play button, but when I click the playbutton I’m been redirected to app store to download the spotify app.....


very annoying....

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