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Can't see number of songs in playlist in new app update


Can't see number of songs in playlist in new app update






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Since the new app update, there is no way to see the number of songs in a playlist. I used to be able to see this in the Playlists page of Your Library next to each playlist.


I was using this number to keep the same number of songs in my 35 library playlists, which I use so I don't have to download my entire library at once. Now I have no way to keep the same number of songs in each of my playlists the way I had been doing, which is disrupting the primary way that I use the app every day. If I can't keep track of what's in my library easily I have lost a large part of why I pay for Spotify and I will look to switch to another service.


  1. (P.S. I don't like several of the changes in the new update... I also hate that I can't view the albums or artists of my saved songs anymore, and I liked the save button better than the new "like" feature that has replaced saving songs to my library. If Spotify is getting rid of the concept of a library of saved songs in favor of only being able to make playlists, I will move to a different music streaming service.)

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Hey folks,


If you'd like to bring this feature back, make sure to add your vote to this idea.


More information on how your feedback reaches Spotify can be found here.



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I would also like to know the answer to this.  I no longer see the number of songs in my playlists on Android. 

Hey @Samihuc and @jwf6464,


Thanks for getting in touch.


At Spotify, we’re often testing and launching improvements and new features. When we’re testing, you may see something on the app your friend doesn’t, or get a new feature for only a temporary period.


Let us know what you think over at the Ideas Exchange.


Have a nice day!

Thanks for the reply Guido.  Is there any way to know if the number of songs in a playlist will again be displayed in the Android client?  For now I have downgraded to an older version of the client (which I was happy to find available out there).  

Do we have a solution yet for this problem? Because i'm facing the same issue as the member and I'll also consider to quit Spotify premium if it stays like this

Hey I had a similar problem with the June 11(?) update. The only solution I found was rolling back to version 
There's a reddit post that tells you how (but you might have to redownload all your previously downloaded music). Just search reddit for "Way to return to the old design". Spotify won't let me post the URL here.

Hope this helps!

I'd really like to see this come back.  I'm not sure what would have driven the decision to take it away.  It is extremely handy to be able to see the number of songs in each playlist in the "playlist" screen.  That's how I know when new songs have been added to my friends playlists that I follow.  Please put this back in.  It disappeared for me today (6/20/19).  I'm using an Android phone as well.

I agree.  This change is harshing my vibe.  I select which playlist I want to listen to often based on the number of songs I feel like listening to.  Plus it helps me judge

how long I make new playlists.  Not a fan of this change.

Hear, hear. It's a really dumb idea to get rid of this function, I rely on it to always create playlists of a fixed number of tracks, now I can't do that Spotify is much less user-friendly. I can't imagine why anybody would welcome the removal of this feature. C'mon Spotify, you gotta bring it back!


I made an account just so i can comment on this topic.


I suspect this is an update bug.  It cant possibly be the decision of some Spotify employee to remove such a basic feature.  Not even some chino wearing peckerhead millenial could make a decision this bad.


Next update should restore the feature.

Very frustrating! I like to keep my playlists around 100 songs, can't keep track of this anymore.

Thank you very much.
So I see again the number of songs per playlist.

I'm more excited about your tip than the whole new update.

I do not like this action from Spotify.

It is either a bug or the spotify ops have lost their minds. What I find appaling is their lack of rrsponse and interest in this serious matter.

Yes, clearly, and that's what bothers me so much. We had an answer at the beginning but from now on, it doesn't seem to interest them whereas it's a major feature that we ask to be restored. At least one message to give a time scale to wait for the feature to be restored, a word to calm users, something... But nothing... You get the impression that people don't give a **bleep** about you but still actually take your money.

  • This is such bogus. I really wish I started with AZ Prime music (which I was warned not to use in this forum and had to abbreviate it - so lame, so jelly!) at this point and have been looking for a good solution in regards to transferring my playlists from Spotify over to another premium service like AZ music. Taking such a basic function such as song count is ridiculous and I can't believe this was removed. A lot of Spotify's user interface annoys me and can use a rehall  Totally harshing my vibe as well 🤯.

Dear Guido / Bot / Spotify


Can you please respond to the question? Why is it gone? Is the function supposed to be gone? How can we get this feature back? How can I see the number of songs on each playlist? 


Ps. By responding/ignoring posts in a bot-like fashion. You are pissing people off more than by not replying at all. 

  1. It is indeed possible, at least on IOS. Just add a random song to a playlist and you can see the number of songs when it prompts you to choose a playlist to add the song to.

Not really friend. This is not showing by me. The only way for me to see the number of songs on my playlist is by opening parallely the player on my laptop

It is unbelievable how they are ignoring our complaints in the hope that they will disappear,this attitude will cost them subscriptions

Unbelievable that they took this basic feature away and won't even listen to the complaints of their users. If this continues I'm going to quit my premium membership and I've been using spotify for three years.

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