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I downloaded some albums and playlists but sometime my albums did eliminate and can't play without connection, but not my playlist I don't understand :'(

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Hey @abili_o


You should keep an eye on the 'Offline devices' listed in your account settings. The same device may be added several times which may make your offline downloads to reset. Delete any duplicate or unrecognized devices you may see and let me know how it goes. :)
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My playlist all disappeared when I moved to another apartment. I was thinking to listen them while waiting to.get internet but everything unsync (on my PC and also my cellphone). And also I have the trouble of synching a playlist on the cellphone but it doesn't happen on PC (I need to redo them all the time)

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Hallo ich habe mir spotify premium gestern geholt und ich kann kein Lieder vor oder zurück scipen. Mir wird dann angezeigt das ich mir premium holen muss

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Playback features on Android (Huawei)


Hello Spotify,

I just got a new phone and it's actually the first time is not iPhone, it's an android (Huawei to be precise). And so I wanted to add the crossfade option to my phone. Since I have Spotify installed in several devices I know it depends in each which option you add on settings.


The whole option of "Playback..." it's like on gray so I can not click to edit that; neither on the options of:

- Offline mode

- Crossfade

- Gaplless

- Normalize volume

- Device Brodcast Status

- Private Session

- Streaming

- Download

- Download using cellular


Those are all options that a lot of them I want to use. 

Hope you can solve this doubt, also if I want to have in my lock screen like the option to play, pause, skip songs, will be very helpful to know.


Thank you and loking forward for your answer.

Best regards,

Laurette S

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Hello, i subscribed for Premium yesterday, it has been almost 24h and still dont have acess to the Premium features. I checked my payment information and it says that i've the subscription active. Can someone help me out please? Thank you

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There is a known issue which spotify is looking into. Reinstalling the app following the steps here will fix it.

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Do NOT get premium, it is currently useless. There is an issue with the app that does not let you listen to the downloaded songs when you go offline.


Just cancelled my subscription. I could totally afford just keeping it to avoid the ads, but no, i wanna send a message to Spotify team that you either fix this or lose money. I hope you all do the same.

I had a 3 day trip with my Bose QC35 WITHOUT a single song!!!


Spotify team, please drop me a message when you fix this mess to invite me back. Till then, good bye

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On my Android my Spotify keeps shutting itself off completely and backing out I have to go back into the app to re-upload it to play songs again about every 20 minutes this is only been happening since I got the Android update on my phone is a Galaxy X4 cell phone is there any chance of a new update