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Redesign causes lag in Your Library tab

Redesign causes lag in Your Library tab


Device: hero2lte Model: samsung SM-G935F Android: 8.0.0

Newest version of Spotify

My Question or Issue

When I click on an album or artist in the Your Library tab it loads very long, usually over 5 seconds.

This was not the case before the redesign.


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Hey @User_,


Thanks for reaching out. This is a common problem that users encounter after the latest redesign. I suggest you open a bug report to the Spotify team to make them hear about the issue, by clicking here.


Hope this helps 🙂




This issue still hasn't been fixed or at least acknowledged.
Note, that I can't post on this bugs forum.
I'm paying for this service...

Also can't post with Firefox, quite amazing how poorly everything here is implemented!


"Correct the highlighted errors and try again. There was an error while attempting to post your message. Try again in a few minutes."

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