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Hey Community!

I'm not sure if this is the right category so I give mods permission to move this post if necessary.


I recently decided to make a playlist of songs that a friend and I both like, and to get it started, I had him turn his Liked Songs playlist into a shareable playlist.


Well, turns out that adding songs we both like to a playlist like this is very tedious. There is no way to sort by songs that you've liked, and because of the immense number of duplicate songs on Spotify, I had to go through the entire playlist in case he had liked a different version of a song I liked as well.

So, I decided to look on the Idea Exchange to see if anyone had any Ideas on how to fix this, and people had! But, both of them have been closed.


So, I decided to make this thread for myself and for others to promote any Ideas in the Idea Exchange they really want to see get passed. Here are my biggest two.


Feel free to add Ideas you want to promote in the replies below!

See how the Idea Exchange works here.

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Great idea for a thread, @kaworu_bloodpaw!


Also, thank you for sharing these cool ideas on the Community; I think they would both be quite useful features, too, and I hadn’t seen the second idea about sorting playlists by whether tracks are currently in one’s Liked Songs before reading your post.


Here are some of my other favorite topics in the Idea Exchange that I’ve voted for (I wasn’t sure which two to share, so I hope it’s alright if I share four of them):

  • This Live Idea for a feature where you can remove a song from all playlists you’ve added it to, as well as see the playlists that the song is currently in
  • This Live Idea for a “new release” button on the desktop app, to help with keeping updated about new releases by artists you follow (this feature is already available on the mobile app as the “What’s New” feed, represented with a bell icon at the top of the Home tab)
  • This Live Idea for showing the original release years of albums (so if the album is a remastered version, Spotify will still show the original year when the album was released)
  • This Live Idea for a "Search for Similar Playlists" feature, to facilitate discovery of other playlists similar to your own playlists or to multiple songs that you like


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Thanks for your contribution @TreyAnastasio!

I like all of those ideas, and I probably wouldn't have found them!


Also, you're welcome to share as many as you want. I just picked two because those were my biggest at the time of posting, and applied to the problem I had that I wanted a solution for 🙂

hope you like it! 


here's mine, waiting for the ideas to be open 




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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Well, I found another one. Music tagging.

It'd be great if you could tag songs by genre or decade so that if I want to listen to 80s songs I like, I don't have to worry about keeping a playlist updated.




Hey there, Welcome to the Community!! Looks like you've made it this far the Community!! 😉


I think It's a great idea! Music Tag is a great way for Spotify users to discover and share music. It allows users to tag songs with descriptive keywords, like "happy" or "sad", to help others find and enjoy music. This would be a great addition to the Spotify platform, as it would allow users to find new music that they can relate to and enjoy.


Oh! I forgot about this one! The old group sessions on mobile! This would be so great for so many events, like hanging out with friends, or at a party, or for a car ride!


Hey y'all,


I came up with a new idea. I'm not sure if this used to exist, and I didn't find anything about it on the Community.

It's a device indicator within Friend Activity. Shows you what device your friends are listening on.


hey i do a lot of editing and could i make your image better because it bothers me?


can you PM the original image 

Well, here's another one. I've got some playlists of my friends that I follow and I'd love to be notified when they add songs to it.


Hi @kaworu_bloodpaw,


Thank you for sharing these ideas that you recently voted for; I added my +VOTE to some of them as well after checking them out today, since I agree that it would be quite nice if they were implemented.


Here are a few other Live Ideas that I voted for today, and thought I’d share here:


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