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Spotify Stops Playing Immediately [Desktop]

Spotify Stops Playing Immediately [Desktop]






Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Since earlier today, Spotify has begun refusing to play songs. I hit play, and it immediately stops playing.

I have tried the standard troubleshooting steps in this order:

  1. I tried restarting Spotify - no success.
  2. I tried closing down any apps like Discord which might be conflicting with Spotify and tripping an anti-streaming mechanism (I've heard this can be a problem) - no success.
  3. I tried restarting my computer - no success.
  4. I tried going into My Account and signing out from all other devices in case someone might somehow be using my Spotify. After signing out everywhere, I signed back in on Desktop - no success, Spotify still won't play.
  5. I tried clearing the cache - no success.
  6. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify from scratch - no success.

I cannot play Spotify. Whenever I hit play, the song plays for a split second and immediately pauses itself. I feel like this has to be an account issue at this point? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


All the best!

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Hey @Salrith!


I'm sorry you're having these issues. Let's see what can be done about them.


Does this only happen on your desktop? Have any issues with the mobile app, or the web player?

When you reinstalled, did you perform a normal or clean reinstall? If you haven't, please try a clean reinstall.


If a clean reinstall doesn't fix your issue, you could try clearing your Hosts File. Please follow these instructions.


Let me know how all of that goes! I'll be awaiting your response.

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Thanks! 😇

If you need anything else, please reply and ask!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Spotify.




I have this exact same problem, except it's on a MacBook Pro (Sonoma 14.2.1) rather than Windows. I've tried all steps in Salrith's post and kaworu_bloodpaw's reply, with no change to the issue.


It occurs on both the desktop app and the webplayer on my Macbook Pro. Spotify playback works fine in the app on on my Android phone




Oh no, now it's happening on my phone as well! 😭

Hey @MN22,


Thanks for reaching out!

We tried reproducing the issue on our end but sadly to no avail. Could you let us know some additional details about your affected devices?
We'd need:

  • your mobile device's make & model
  • its OS version
  • the Spotify app version on all your affected devices

And, aside from this, if possible, could you try logging into the app on your devices with someone else's account or a new account free for testing purposes to see if the issue would persist? That way we'd know if it's account-related 🙂


We'll be on the lookout for your reply!

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Thanks Vasil,


I figured it out. I was listening using bluetooth headphones which were connected to both the laptop I was having the spotify playback issues AND another laptop (which also had spotify installed, not sure if that mattered)

I disconnected the bluetooth headphones from the other laptop, and playback is working fine now




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