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PS4 Quick Menu shows Playlists instead of a list Liked Songs

Upon opening the PS4 quick menu, it doesn't display the Liked songs list. It only shows the playlists in the library.

Hey folks!


This is still being looked into and a fix is bound to get rolled out with the upcoming updates.
As we do not have a definite time on when exactly this will happen, we're setting this Ongoing Issue to 'Not Right Now'.
Rest assured that it is still going to be fixed; possibly in the upcoming weeks 🙂


Keep us posted in case you spot any changes and we'll do the same.









My Question or Issue


So this issue started about yesterday (Oct 17th) and I assumed it was nothing at the time but the problem has still persisted which lead me to posting about it.


Basically my liked songs section keeps showing my library of playlists that I have, while Spotify is also showing two recently played tabs. The first one is the normal recently played I know and have used over the years while the second one has easily over 20 different songs / albums linked and if you get past all of that you finally get back to your library of "liked songs" and such, which still shows me my playlists instead. I have no clue what caused this, I've restarted the app, I've deleted and reinstalled the app, I've even cleared my ps4 cache. I'd rather not have to hard reset my console over Spotify especially if this is a easy fix or glitch.


Also when playing my liked songs from mobile broadcast it shows my liked songs playlist as "my library" instead which it has never done. I can briefly see my actual liked songs if I scroll down once then back up, sometimes I have to do that twice to get the "my library" playlist to refresh and show my actual songs. Yet when playing it, it still plays my liked songs.


Thanks in advanced for any responses.


same problem i'm having, tried the same stuff you have + rebuild database (youtube it, doesn't hurt). if you go to the liked songs thingy from the quick menu, go up or down one then go back to it, it'll show you your liked songs. super annoying though. hope someone replies with a real answer or fix or they patch this soon, so annoying.      


Definitely hoping for a fix because this is so infuriating since I mainly pay for premium FOR music on my console. Anyway, continue waiting it is for now.


Having the same issue right now, I hope they fix this


Hey folks!


Thank you for reporting this 🙂

We'll be looking into this issue but in order for us to be able to do so, we'd also need a few additional details:

  • Did the issue start occurring at roughly the same time it occurred for @Transmasquerade?
  • Did it appear after a specific event (update etc.)?
  • Let us know what your PS4 Spotify app version is.

We'll be on the lookout for your replies!


Mines says last updated at 10/18/2023 but I'm pretty sure that's wrong since I had uninstalled and reinstalled it so I don't know if it's because of a actual update.


Version: 3.90, both console and app are up to date!


Finally some other people. I tried to post this on reddit its definitely been happening for over a week MINIMUM. This is incredibly poor service and needs to be worked out IMMEDIATELY. It has ruined the enjoyment of several games.

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey folks!

Changing the status here 🙂

So that our tech folks can take a further look into this, please provide us with the requested details if you haven't already:


  • When did the issue start occurring?
  • Did it appear after a specific event (update etc.)?
  • Let us know what your PS4 Spotify app version is.

Many thanks!


I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem. It happened to me at well around the 16th to the 18th of Oct. I've tired doing all the same things everyone else has suggested and my system is fully updated. To be able to fully scroll threw my playlist now. I have to ether get on the spotify app on the ps4 or my phone now. This needs to be fixed


Edit: I found a way to fix the problem but you might now like how you have to do it? I got it fixed by removing all my saved playlist other then my liked songs list on the spotify app on my phone and when I turned it on my ps4. The liked songs playlist came back up and working fine


This issue still hasn't been fixed what the **bleep** is this **bleep**