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Unable to stream BBC podcasts to Wi-Fi speaker






MacBook Air 10.14.2 / iPhone 6S 12.1.2


My Question or Issue

Unable to stream BBC Podcast content from either the OS or IOS Spotify App's to a Wi-Fi speaker (Libratone Zipp Mini). Other podcasts / music work fine. I have tried various BBC Podcasts and all exhibit the same issue. Streaming from iTunes and other sources works fine?

Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!


3 years later. Still no fix. 


Clearly this is some sort of licensing issue, not a technical one. Why not just come out and say it?


The odd thing with this is I can steam to my Google Minis, but can't stream to my Alexa devices. 







Just to add my frustration to this - tried everything suggested by the mods and nothing


Mine doesn't even recognise that I'm pressing the play button - works fine for music and any podcast that isn't BBC Sounds - Android 10 user






Same problem here, just bbc podcasts don't want to play.


Problem also applies to me, even after trying suggested fixes.


So it’s now about 4 years since this was first reported and there’s no response? I have the same issue with bbc content playing over connect, to Sonos. I can use airplay as a workaround. Why wouldn’t this work with connect? It’s just slightly more hassle… 


It is indeed strange that Spotify does not explain the reasons behind this common problem, as others have said, it must be a licensing issue.


I would rather use the Spotify app for podcasts as well as music, but I gave up long ago on Spotify playing BBC podcasts on my Sonos speakers.


I tried Stitcher and then Pocket Casts for a while on my Android phone and both had all the content I wanted and play BBC podcasts. You can add both as a music service to Sonos, but neither app has network API integration, so you cannot cast and instead have to use the Sonos app to play podcast which is not ideal, but not a huge issue either for me.


I have now settled on Pocket Casts as the User Interface integration in the Sonos app is slightly better (it shows how many minutes you are into the podcast), and I was no longer drawn by the premium content offered by Stitcher.




Confirming exact same issue here for BBC podcasts.  Noted same issue for Ringer podcast 60 Songs That Explain the 90s.


Other Ringer podcasts play just fine.  This was previously an issue with ALL podcast content.  Yamaha issued a fix about a year ago, which appeared to resolve issues for most podcast content.  Either the fix was insufficient, or Spotify has changed something with current system or file encoding.  


Specs: Yamaha YAS706 streaming over Musiccast.  Same result on multiple devices/platforms.  


Got a response from Yamaha, confirming that this is most likely a Spotify issue.  Other Spotify Connect compatible devices are also refusing to play this media.  How do we get an official response?


Screenshot 3 - CONNECT devices not available.jpg


If only the BBC and Spotify had Twitter accounts, oh, hang on... @SpotifyCares @bbcsounds, so we could ask them!!