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My premium subscription not working

My premium subscription not working

My subscription is included in my phone plan. My provider states that all looks good on their end. @Spotify - can you fix? Did the log off all devices, pswd reset, etc etc. Not working.  Also - Why is there no help # or chat?  Y'all have a s**t ton of issues that pop up and NO ONE CAN CONTACT U. it's frankly more pleasing to get an unlubed pap smear at the gyno that trying to resolve stuff with you. I could do less clicks and searches and find the holy grail. I could end up having a disfunctional relationship with my future teen children due to "abandonment" as i spent ALL MY TIME TRYING TO GET MY SPOTIFY ISSUES FIXED (and right now imma single and not preggo). . I could fly to, colonize, population and completely mess the climate on MARS... getting it? Make it easier. Oh and ya, fix my issue pls. 

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Hey @gusgoo13,

Thanks for posting to the community! This wonderful article might help explain some reasons why your Spotify Premium isn't working.



I'm sorry that you've become frustrated with the support that Spotify offers, but if you want to speak with the Spotify Support Team directly, feel free to hit up them up on both Facebook and Twitter: @SpotifyCares






I did indeed read the article prior to posting - I'm a self-serve kinda gal until i can no longer do so.

Thank you - but no,  the article did not answer the issue.


I did speak with Spotify on Twitter - my comment however is that it's more difficult than necessary to find contact info - and what if i didn't have a twitter account - Does Spotify not care to service non Twitter customers? What about my grandma that loves Spotify but sure as heck doesn't have a twitter account? What if I want to resolve while at work and can't tweet (site blocked - no smart device rules on the work floor perhaps), but can send an email? The twitter care team provided me a link for contact and it's under the "ABOUT" section of the website.  From a cx journey that is normally used as a descriptor of the company/service and sometime the mission statement etc, whereas a Cx Care contact is usually, and most logically under the "Help" or "Contact us" section.


I do hope someone from Spotify reads this and considers updating/realiging the contact info to where it IMO it should be, and 99.9% of sites usually have it. In the Help or Contact Us. I mean, knowledge is always good, but i don't really care to learn ABOUT Spotify when i'm experience tech issues. I want HELP


That said - the twitter care team was great - and efficient and polite, very attentive -  I have since resolved the issue - a disconnection between my provider and Spotify. But thank you all - especially for being kind while i'm definitely being snarky...

Hey @gusgoo13,


Thanks for getting back to me, and I'm sorry that the support article hasn't helped.


Spotify does have email support, however as you said, it can be a trouble to find, but everyone here at the Spotify Community is able to direct you to it 🙂 Normally, it's provided through a Help Portal - Several articles link to the email portal! 


Anyways, that's great news that you've gotten this resolved! Feel free to let me know if you need anything else - I'm...


Have a great day,

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