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Songs not streaming through mobile data

Songs not streaming through mobile data






iPhone 12 Pro Max

Operating System

(iOS 15.1.1)


My Question or Issue

I’m having trouble streaming music on mobile data. The moment I switch from wifi to mobile data all the songs grey out. Happened 3 days ago. It works fine with Wi-Fi. I’ve tried:

-logging out and in

-clean reinstall of the app

-logged out all of my other devices
-made sure mobile data is switched ON in phone settings and Spotify in app settings

-reset network settings 

-updated Spotify app but no luck


My mobile data is fine with every other app and have plenty of usage every month - so that isn’t the issue. The only thing that makes songs not greyed out again is to click the “enhance” button, but it adds unwanted songs to the playlist.  Searched songs/artists and playlists shows half songs working and half greyed out?? I was suggested to use wifi by cares team but it’s not practical as I’m not always connected 24/7. I’ve attached a couple of photos of before and after I click “enhance”


8 Replies

Yes the exact same thing has happened to me also. I can't find a fix but have tried all the steps list in this post, 

I am having the same issues. Mobile data is on but song does not show or stream on mobile data. This only happens after the latest update. 

I have exactly the same issue - Same phone and also in Aust - stopped working a couple of days ago

I too am having this issue. I too am in Australia. Noticed it yesterday when I went to listen to a radio from a song. Figured out it's only when using mobile data. Doesn't happen when connected to a wifi network.

Please, Spotify, answer my Christmas wish and give me back the songs on mobile data. I have been a good boy this year, honest.

Exactly the same experience here. On high end Telstra data plan and suddenly can’t download any tunes or podcasts through cellular data.  

Same thing here. Artists are available but playlists instantly go off line as soon as I switch to mobile data 

Apparently this issue is known to telstra customers only. But that’s yet to be confirmed 

Hi everyone,


Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community!


Our best tech folks are aware of this and are working on a fix, sorry to keep you waiting.


We understand this must be frustrating, but hopefully it won't be too much longer before we've resolved the issue.


Thanks again for your patience, we really appreciate it.


Take care.

Mario Moderator
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