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local files


hey guys so recently ive been downloading music to my itunes library and trying to put it on my spotify playlist.  whenever i click on my local files to see my music all it does is show the loading circles and it just stays on it for hours and i cant see any of my local files.  it used to work out so well and now it doesnt work at all.  please help!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.50.16 PM.png
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I have the same problem, except the circle disappears and I just  get blackness. I just got the latest version (8/5/15)... still the same problem. I have a 20,000 song library... too big or something??


This used to work well... no longer. A temporary fix is to search for the song and the top search result usually is the owned local file.


For me, Spotify shows the local files greyed out. When I write to the folder that the files are saved in, they pop back up. Bug or something?

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