Spotify is auto shuffling through alexa app


Spotify is auto shuffling through alexa app

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Galaxy s8


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 I have an echo dot and very recently Spotify has started to turn on auto shuffle every time I ask to play an artist's music. I have tried turning it off through the app and via voice commands, but every time I do so it is turned back on as soon as I ask the echo dot to play another artist. Spotify version is armv7




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Heres an idea, change this to what WE all want, no shuffling (I have premium family) just the albums in order or the top artists songs first.


Otherwise I might as well go over to Amazon Music which I will pay a lot less for a as a Prime Member.


If you dont intend to fix this please let us know so we can start cancelling our subs.


I didnt post for a little rant, this is a Spotify breaking issue for the millions of us that use it via Amazon Alexa products.

Can we get a moderator response please on whether this issue is going to be corrected or not as using Spotfiy via Alexa is worthless.

Having to state each specific song each time for each artist is really really fecking annoying.

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Same issue. I literally just created an account to weigh in.



The crux of the problem is that I do not want Spotify to ever turn on shuffle without my say-so. 


@mdriscoll33: The 'idea' that you logged is probably going to be difficult for the QA dept. to parse. Do not assume they have read this thread.


Suggest wording it more like this:


Current Funtionality

On asking Alexa to play a particular artist:

  1. The most popular song starts playing
  2. Shuffle mode is turned 'ON'

This means that after the most popular song, random b-sides, remixes and live versions start playing. This is a bad experience.


Requested Functionality

On asking Alexa to play a particular artist:

  1. The most popular song starts playing
  2. Keep whatever shuffle settings the user currently has active

That way if I do not want shuffle, I just get the most popular songs in sequence. If I want shuffle, I can ask for it.




I am not a fan of this new setting.  Spotify - please reverse this change.  It seems simpler to request that songs be shuffled vs having the feature auto enabled.


Hey @Jinteki.


Right now, when asking Alexa to play an artist, it'll automatically shuffle the content on the artist page. However, when asking to play a specific playlist or album, it'll play it depending on the shuffle setting being on or off.


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I can't believe this is still a problem they won't address. 


This is not the case for me. My favorite album is "The Stranger" by Billy Joel and anytime I ask Alexa to play the album, it shuffles it instead of playing "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)," which is track 1.

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I would also strongly request that you reverse this change. I can't understand the rationale behind it. If I request the Alexa app to play an artist, I want to hear the most popular songs, not some random shuffle collection of B-sides and other non hits.


In addition, because Spotify automatically sets to shuffle, when I go to listen to Spotify afterwards on my phone, the shuffle setting is switched on.


This is actually ruining my Spotify home audio experience, so I hope that you can reverse this change in the next update.

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Spotify, PLEASE REVERSE this setting. I too do NOT want the artist's songs shuffled when I request them from my echo dot. Please play them in order of popularity. If i want them shuffled I will say it.