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Lyrics Sharing Not Working

Hey everyone,


We’re receiving reports that the Lyrics Sharing feature is not working. Before you keep on reading, note that this issue is different than not seeing Lyrics at all.

Hey everyone,


We can confirm that the main issue has been resolved.


We understand that there might still be some users that cannot share lyrics. 


If you experience this, you can reach out to our CS team. The folks there will be able to help with it as this will require some account adjustments.

Status changed to: Under investigation
Hey folks,
If you're experiencing the exact issue being reported here, we'd recommend double-checking your internet connection is stable and trying a clean reinstall of the app on your device by following the steps here.
If after that you’re still having trouble with this, please provide us with the following info:
  • Operating System version
  • Device make/model
  • Spotify version
We'll pass the info on to the relevant team to look further into this.
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I already reinstalled the app but still cant see lyrics on my phone. 

It works at PS4 and PC.


IOS 15.1

Iphone 11 Pro

Spotify 8.6.80


I already reinstalled the app but still cant see lyrics on my phone. 

Got a family prenium account, work on some of them. Plus I got them if I create a new Free account on the same phone.


IOS 15.1.1

Iphone 13






Installed the new update and still nothing. Now all the people in the family group have it except me (who has the oldest account).


I already reinstalled the app twice but still cant see the real time lyrics on my phone. 

It works on my PC.


IOS 15.1.1

Iphone 13

Spotify 8.6.80


Same problem, have a family premium account. Don’t see the lyrics on my phone.


Same issue here, premium account, works on pc and other devices, but not on my smartphone. I logged out several times and also unistalled the app to check the problem, still no lyrics for me

Country: Italy
iPhone 8


I can see the lyrics but the share button is missing. I uninstalled and did a fresh install but the share button still didn't appear. I'm on a premium plan.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
OS: Android 10
Spotify Version:


Same issue. Cleared cache, reinstalled, problem remains. 
iphone 11
ios 15.1



I have a student spotify account.

I already cleared cache, reinstalled the app but I still can't see the lyrics on my phone. 


Xiaomi mi note 10 lite

Miui Global 

Android 11

Spotify version




hi! i cannot see lyrics on my phone but it works on the desktop app; i'm on a premium family plan.


iPhone X

iOS 15.1