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Library Song Limit


Library Song Limit

Spotify staff-


I recently reached the 10,000 song limit in my library, which is a great disappointment.  As a loyal customer for over 3 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed your product, so much that I have shifted to using it as my main source of music collection.  There must be some way that you can enable "super users" to continue to file and organize their music over this arbitrary limit.  


There may not be many of us, but (and this should be obvious) those of us that actually reach this limit are your core constituents.  We are passionate about music and your product, and I can tell you that I have gotten at least 20 people to sign up to Spotify Premium over the past couple of years as I have raved about it.  I will continue to do so, with the caveat that Spotify just isn't yet ready to become a full-fledged music library of record for musical aficianados, much to my disappointment.


One more thought: You may find interest in the creation of some type of super user account that would allow you to charge SLIGHTLY more for those of us who desire or require a higher song limit (say, unlimited...) without having to alter the accounts of your millions of users.  Bottom line is that unlimited should mean unlimited, especially in this age of big data, but a 10,000 song cap with no alternative is absurd.




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I Agree 100%! -can't vote with my dollars just yet, but as soon as my one
year plan expires...

If Spotify doesn’t increase its song limit both download capacity or library limit, in 5 years its going to be irrelevant to its core users. Loads of my friends have already downloaded stamp and transferred to Apple Music, for the staggering 100,000 library limit. Like it was stated above, it’s the age of data. The download limit alone can only fill half an IPad lol. If Spotify refuses to change, it’ll sink like a rock. It’s the equivalent of comparing a Walkman capacity to the first IPods, for a simple comparison to the modern age.

I’ve joined Spotify premium a couple of months again and just ran into this issue now.  Only 10,000 songs allowed in our library?  That’s ridiculous.  I joined premium, because I love music and thought Spotify would be better than Apple Music.  I’m thinking of making the switch next month to Apple Music, so I don’t have to pay to have a low cap on songs in my library.  It’s ridiculous.

Hopefully now that spotify has public investors to answer to, they'll stop insulting their power users like this (the type of user that influences his friends and family)

I mean, this is ridiculous.  Look at what their competition is doing.  Spotify is lagging way behind on this!  I’m already looking at my options to switch to Apple Music.

It would be interesting to hear an explanation for the restriction.


I don't know how much these kinds of limitations actually hurt sales, most likely the effect is negligible, and won't be fixed. At least it hasn't been fixed despite years of pleading by some customers.


It took several years to even get a music library in the first place. Before that you could only make playlists, and managing them was really frustrating. But back then there were no real competitors that offered a music catalogue as diverse as Spotify.


When the library function was finally added, I think four or so years ago, I was thrilled, until I almost immediately run into the limit. After a couple of years of trying to constantly manage my library to keep it under 10 000 items, I just gave up. I did not want to spend time managing the library, I just wanted to listen to music! I got around the limitation both me and other family members kept running into by simply moving the whole family to a competing service back in late 2015.


I keep Spotify installed to occasionally check its artist recommendations or interesting playlists, but that's it. I do miss the remote playing capabilities Spotify has, at least to my knowledge no competitor really offers anything quite as convenient.

I'm using Apple Music because of this; they have no limit. I would probably move back to Spotify since their automated playlists are superior.

I'm really disappointed, I've been a premium client for near 5yrs after my Swedish counter parts put m onto Spotify and there was nothing stating a limit when I signed up for premium or I missed the fine print, what's new, but the fact you have to jump through hoops to contact someone is pathetic on Spotify's part, for premium clients there should be a direct contact thelp address within the account page and no login as you already are...

I tried to login through the contacts form on several occasions and have sat there going around in there dumb verify loop when I have a logon with a password, as I’m not on face book, WT???

I really don’t want to spend money on a service that makes it hard to communicate and fobs their premium clients off to the standard web answers. If I’m paying I want the answers asap, especially when I loose downloads or the player won’t work in offline mode on music downloaded as I am a sound engineer I need a reliable service.

Get with the program Spotify or you will loose your client’s or become a lame service and peps will go elsewhere. Hope this opens your eyes, disappointed, but as a client I expect more, wouldn’t you?



I was under the impression that via spotify you could carry your entire music collection wherever you go. Some friends have suggested that a 10,000 song library is exceissve and you'd never listen to them all, but that's besides the point (and not neccessarily true). I don't want to undertake the laborious task of scouring my library for albums to delete in order to add each new one. Also, without the ability to save everything, you lose more of the moments when you rediscover an old favourite from years past. This situation is only gonig to increase in frequency as we all get older, listen to more music and lose our individual memories: we can't be expected to remember every single album we ever listened too. Streaming services are supposed to replace physical purchases, but without this feature, how could they?


I guess one benefit is that it will force users to purchase more physical music. However, after almost ten years of subscribing (sandwiched between a brief flirtation with Rdio) it's definitely making me reconsider my subscription to Spotify, which makes me sad and disappointed.

I have been looking at transfer software.  I've looked at Stamp but also Musconv and song shift.  Musconv looks pretty good but I've never thought I would even need to do something like this and am still debating which one to use.  Any suggestions of which has the fewest bugs?  I'm also considering just doing it manually.  I would be in control and it's really no big deal unless you are building a library from your personal collection.




If you have a Facebook account, Twitter, whatever; I urge you to post this info about Spotify.  If you know how, post a clip on Youtube. 


As for Spotify's reasoning for a 10,000 limit; it is absurd.  This has to be the scuzziest company I have ever given my money to.  I just can't believe out of 3 major players in this streaming music game, I had to pick Spotify.  God hates me.

I too just hit my 10k limit and I felt a bit bummed. And while "bummed" is an understatement, I surely wasn't expecting that notice after so many years of continuous use of this service.


Every song I've added to my library since 2012 has meant something to me; from where I heard the song and how I felt, to who suggested another memorable tune. From the ones I shared with my girlfriend to the ones she shared with me when we created our wedding reception playlist. I unfortunately still remember the nightmare a few years after subscribing to premium of having to add my old starred songs (all removed by Spotify, mind you) to the new kid on the block feature– "Save to Library".


I won't say I can fully understand/rationalize the reasoning fed by Spotify and their Engineers, but I would sincerely hope that I don't have to consistently reprioritize the songs I save in my library because of a technical limitation.


If I could suggest ANY idea at this point (I can drop this off in the feature request bucket, don't worry, I'm just spit-balling here), I could see that loading that much content can bog down one's device and/or the server providing that userID-unique content, but maybe don't show it all upfront and give us the chance to filter/search that library beforehand with tools to do so right off the bat.


After writing all that, I realized that saved songs also show up as checked songs in playlist/album views too. So maybe my idea is just a sliver of a solution. 

Well, I hit my limit today. Another dumb unnessary issue with Spotify. We asked for an explicit filter for years and by some miracle they actually added it. Of course, they don't make it possible to find clean versions of albums on mobile, another dumb easily solveable issue. 

I have to agree (I wasn't even aware there's a limit up until I was notified!). Isn't there another way? At least give an overview of all the songs in the library, which would make it a lot easier to delete some of them! Thanks.

They laugh about us now... (3 likes)

It looks like nobody is listening. I absolutely loved Spotify and would not have canceled my subscription. That said, I cannot justify keeping it over Apple music when their song limit is so incredibly low.  I just wanted to add my voice to this thread. You've lost a customer. Great product - but this is just  not something that works for me.

Same here.  They lost me as a customer to Apple Music.  It doesn’t look like they care or do anything about customer complaints.  That stuff gets old really quick.

Yeah I've been a premium user for about 4 years now, that's nearly hundreds of dollars I've given to this company and they don't think this small fraction of user base is important to their community, yet they're the ones who use the service the most. 


I've been looking into competitors, a couple don't have this same problem.

I have watched this thread grow and grow since I first posted in it a few years back.


If you are holding your breath or hoping spotify will fix it on your own, you are mistaken.  I went to Google Play and am happy but I'm not trying to promote any given service.  If spotify fixed this problem I'd definitely consider coming back but until then never.


You can only vote with your $$$.  If you come here and complain but stay on Spotify because its easier than switching, you are wasting your time.  

I am still undecided between Amazon Unlimited and Google.  My concern is the local files (songs out of print that I bought).  With the future demise of the iPod 160 (my preference), I'm at a complete loss as to what to do.


Did you start your collection over or transfer it with some software?  I am jumping ship but still feel a bit queasy about someone else controlling my music.


BTW, thank you for this thread.  They say there's only 1% of us who have reached "OUR"...WE PAY FOR THIS SO NOT "THEIR" BUT "OUR" 10,000 song limit in our library and it is "WE" who are paying for this.  Since their statement, go back through this thread and see how many others are now being affected by this limit. 


Again, thank you.

This is why we need something like an iPod 160 or even higher.  Read this and puke along with me.


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