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Lyrics Sharing Not Working

Hey everyone,


We’re receiving reports that the Lyrics Sharing feature is not working. Before you keep on reading, note that this issue is different than not seeing Lyrics at all.

Hey everyone,


We can confirm that the main issue has been resolved.


We understand that there might still be some users that cannot share lyrics. 


If you experience this, you can reach out to our CS team. The folks there will be able to help with it as this will require some account adjustments.


My Spotify didn't have a Share Button on the lyric. I already cleared the app cache, even the data, and reinstall it. But the Share Button is still didn't come up. I'm on Premium Plan.


Redmi Note 7

Android 10

Spotify Ver.


Hey everybody,


Great news, we've received word that this should now be fixed and wanted to check how it's looking on your end.


If you still can't see the Share option, please make sure that you're running the latest Spotify version. You might also need to restart your device.


Note that this fix might take a couple of days to reach everyone.


Keep us posted 🙂


Still having the same issue for lyric sharing feature. On a premium family plan. All of the other members already have the feature though.


Device: Samsung A72

OS Version: Android 12.0

Spotify Version:




I waited a few days, updated the app, did a fresh reinstall (again) and tried restarting the phone and it still didn't change anything.


As I said before, the issue seems to be specifically with the account, as logging in with any other account on the same phone will make the share button appear, while signing in with my account on any other phone, the button still won't appear at all. 


Same here.

Premium Family
Iphone 8 plus
Operating System:
iOS 15.3
Spotify Version:

Tried all possible solutions (clear cache, reinstall app, etc). Works fine on PC

@Dianizmas there is no lyrics sharing feature on PC, it’s mobile only. 


I updated the app, do all the recommendations, but still can not see share button


Hi! I can't see the lyrics, I tried unistalling the App, turning my device off, then reinstalled it again and still nothing.

Galaxy S20
Android 11


@Alex waited a couple days, app is on the latest version, restarted phone, share button for lyrics still hasn't appeared


Same issue, no share button for Lyrics. Cleared cache, reinstalled, problem remains. Tried the same account in different phone and still no share button

Huawei Mate 20 pro

Android 10