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Can't play current song!

Can't play current song!

I have a spotify premium account, because I like to listen to music when I don't have internet access. It basically works just fine on my android device but not on my desktop machine. weather or not it is conected to the internet. I have it selected to download some playlists because internet is not up 100% of the time. but spotify works only about 30% of the time and I am very frustrated. If I restart my computer it might work for a short time but then all of a sudden ever single song is not available. 


I have spotify I see it get updated every once in a while so I'm pretty sure I have the most curent. 


On a Window 10 machine that was upgraded from windows 7 this problem existed before I upgraded.

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I'm also having this problem across multiple platforms (windows & android) and networks (ethernet & 4g).

My music barely plays or skips throughout the whole song and sometimes i cannot even play my playlist cause it'll say my playlist dont exist i pay every month and have nothing but problems with my account. My music barely works and no its not my network ive tried to play my music from several different devices and computers if AI'm going to continue to pay i want service that works.  How can I get in contact with them or should I go an google and make a complaint on there in the play store

Dear Sir and Madam,I would like to report my Spotify keep error in (Can't play current song's)play middle of nowhere stop and play, not event one artiste album it almost have the same problem,it happen after upgrade your new version from last week, i have been restart a several times log out & in (same problem),before that it never that bad before or experience, one more issue download in playlist are very slow,my side here internet line are fine ,i go on facebook youtube and others are fine, I'm a premium member,my username is 12130343752,hope your will solve the problem soon ,Thanks & appreciate

I´m experiencing this more and more lately.

It is pretty **bleep**.


Everytime this happens, "Can´t play current song" i need to restart Spotify.

This was never an issue before, but I´ve started to switch a lot between sound devices so, it may be related.

But it mostly just happens out of nowhere.

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